UltraComfort Brand Profile

UltraComfort was founded in 1985 by two PA entrepreneurs devoted to improving the home medical market and creating quality lift Chairs and recliners that could improve the lives of millions. They hired the best workers, acquired numerous patents, and worked from a vast facility spanning over 200,000 square feet.

UltraComfort Products

All UltraComfort chairs are designed to suit the ever-changing needs of the customer, with a host of optional extras and accessories that can adapt the chair to meet the customer’s size, shape, disability, and home décor.

Whether you’re tall, small, light, or heavy, there will be a chair for you. These chairs are fitted with powerful motors and smooth mechanics, offering one-click reclining and one-touch lifts.

Details of all UltraComfort chairs are available on the manufacturer’s website. Just choose your product based on the technology or the size, and explore the colors, fabric choices, features, and more.

Ordering Information

To try UltraComfort chairs out for yourself, visit one of the manufacturer’s many registered dealers. This link contains information on all local dealers, and the company’s in-stock pledge means you can quickly get your hands on the product you want.

A lifetime warranty is available on all chairs but doesn’t cover all parts, and if you’re struggling to get to grips with your purchase you can download user manuals from the UltraComfort website or speak with a representative.

For more information on the company’s products, contact them directly via this link. Alternatively, dial 1-866-793-5100 during business hours.

UltraComfort Reviews

UltraComfort has received a number of positive user reviews and expert reviews, with many praising the construction quality, features, and the customization options. Problems with the company’s limited warranty, which doesn’t cover all parts of their chairs, have been highlighted. Regardless, reviews are generally positive and users are full of praise for this Pennsylvania brand.