Gadgets to Help with Independent Living

We have devoted a lot of pages to medical alert systems on this site. They are essential if you live alone and have serious mobility issues or memory problems, but what if you are relatively fit, healthy, you and need a push in the right direction? 

A medical alert system might not make much sense in those situations, but there are other gadgets that could help.

A Smart Home Device

A smart home device like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home will act as your personal assistant and housekeeper all in one. It connects to some of the other gadgets on this list and is a relatively inexpensive way to simplify your life.

Even if you don’t purchase anything else on this list, a smart home device can still be used to make appointments, set reminders, send messages, make phone calls, purchase items, play music, and more.

They all work in a similar way and your preference will really depend on the types of services that you prefer and the ecosystem that you have bought into. If you prefer using Amazon, for instance, then Alexa is probably the best buy.

Smart Switches

Smart switches work through your smart home device. They are plugs that can be controlled with your smartphone or your voice and can be used to activate the television, lamps, and more. 

You can instruct your smart home device to turn on the lights as soon as you wake up and then give the command to switch everything off when you go to bed. It’ll save you a lot of time and means you don’t need to constantly stand and sit as you flick switches.

Smart Temperature Controls

Smart thermostats are controlled via your phone. You can program them to regulate temperature, change the settings with a single swipe, and even alter them when you’re not home. You’ll never need to come home to a cold house ever again!

A Smartwatch

A smartwatch works alongside a smartphone. It connects through Bluetooth and will work as long as it is in range. It means that you can answer calls, send messages, and even check emails from your watch. Even if you’re out of range, the watch will still connect to the internet, track your heart rate and fitness activities, and much more.

Some watches also feature an SOS system, whereby you press a couple of buttons to send an alert text in an emergency, and they utilize GPS features to help someone find you in an emergency.

They’re not cheap, but they’re great gadgets and can make a big difference in your life.

Smart Doorbells and Cameras

A smart doorbell system comes with a camera to check who is at the door. You can speak with them via an intercom and hear what they have to say, which means that you don’t have to open the door or even leave your chair to answer it. Additionally, since everything is conducted via your phone, you don’t even need to be in the house!

These systems aren’t only about saving you a little time and effort. They’re great for keeping yourself and your home safe, even when you’re relaxing in the back yard or visiting a friend’s house.

Everything goes through your smartphone and the interface is very easy to use. If a friend comes to visit, simply ask them to notify you when they’re on the way or tell them to go around the back. If the mailman has a package for you, tell them where to leave it and then retrieve it whenever you can.