Senior Hobbies and Their Surprising Health Benefits

Humans are creatures of habit, and the older we get, the more apparent this becomes. We become stuck in our ways, refusing to try anything new because we think it’d be pointless. It’s also too late to make new friends and we don’t have time for hobbies.

But those new experiences can make a massive difference at all ages. Whether you’re 20, 50, or 90, it’s never too late to learn a new hobby and when you do, you might be surprised at just how beneficial it can be.

The Health Benefits of Starting a New Hobby

A hobby is something that you enjoy that occupies your attention. It should be something that you like, but that doesn’t mean that you should reject the idea just because you don’t have an interest in anything. The more you do it, the more committed you will become, so just find something that interests you and commit!

If you do, you may notice all the following health benefits.

It Relieves Stress

We all get a little stressed and anxious from time to time, and the things that we do to fix this often make it worse. All generations are now spending a huge amount of time on social media. It helps to pass the time, and they may even convince themselves that they’re doing something good by talking to their friends, but it’s often a self-perpetuating cycle of misery.

You feel bad, so you start browsing profiles of people who seem to have it all, but eventually, those flashy cars and vacations in the sun will make you feel bad about your own life. You’ll focus more on the things that you don’t have, as opposed to the things that you do.

It’s the opposite of what a hobby should be. A real hobby will distract you, but it will also stimulate you. It will make you feel good about yourself and will gradually reduce the stress and anxiety that you feel.

Whether you’re writing, painting, sewing, or doing a jigsaw puzzle, it focuses your mind on the activity at hand, which means it has less time to sweat the small stuff.

It Gives You Purpose

Do you spend your days watching television and doing chores? You’re not alone. A hobby can break up that monotony and give you a sense of purpose. It’s not just about having a reason to wake up in the morning, it’s about being excited to get out of bed so you can finish that puzzle, knit that sweater, or complete your masterpiece.

It’s Gratifying

We spend our youth learning, our adulthood working, and our senior years resting, and it’s a waste! Think back to when you were in your thirties or forties, working yourself to the bone every day. How often did you think to yourself, “If only I had some free time…”? How often did you envy people who didn’t work, from your layout cousin who did nothing but smoke pot and play guitar to your retired parents?

As a senior, you have the freedom that you always envied, so stop wasting it. There are few things more satisfying than spending your days learning and creating, especially when you have complete freedom over what you learn and what you create!

Always wanted to learn a new language? Now’s the time. Always wondered what it would be like to play the guitar? Grab a Les Paul and start strumming!

Discover New Talents and New Worlds

Once you start exploring new hobbies, you may find that you have talents you never knew were there. Maybe you’re really good at puzzles or poetry, or maybe you have a knack for playing instruments. That’s not all, though, as you will be introduced to new worlds and the people within them.

If we use musical instruments as an example, you could go from learning the guitar to joining a class, playing open-mic nights, and discovering a local music scene that you never knew existed.

It Will Boost Your Brainpower

A hobby will keep the grey matter in your brain strong, and it could even help in the fight against memory loss and various psychological and neurological conditions. It can also help with depression and insomnia simply by stimulating your mind, and it may even improve your self-confidence.

Earn Some Cash

Depending on how good you are, your new hobby could earn you a few bucks on the side. This is true for most hobbies, and as long as you put the hours in, you will get there eventually.

You could get a few gigs playing music at a local club, sell your stories/artwork online, make craft supplies to sell at the market, or even partake in some pro video gaming events. You have the time, and if you combine that with a little talent and a lot of dedication, there’s no telling how far you will go!

Social Benefits

You can never underestimate the social potential of a hobby, even if it seems like a solitary activity. The great thing about the internet is that you’re always just a click away from finding local classes and events, as well as online forums and discussion groups. 

It doesn’t matter how obscure your hobby is or how boring your friends think it is, there will always be a dedicated group of like-minded individuals out there. The internet has a little something for everyone in that respect, and there are few better feelings than stumbling across a group of people who have exactly the same obsession that you do.

Not only will this community make you feel better about your hobby, but it’ll push you to commit even more. It’s also a great way to make friends and feel good about yourself.

Summary: Starting a New Hobby

Whether you’re painting, exercising, writing, knitting, or simply committing to a weekly game of bingo, there’s always room for a new hobby and, as this guide shows, it could provide you with an array of health benefits.