Afikim Electric Vehicles Brand Profile

The Afikim Electric Vehicles company launched in Israel in the 1970s. It was founded as a Kibbutz, or a collective community, and continues to be operated as such. 

After creating the first Afikim Mobile Scooter in 1978, the company has developed into a world leader in the mobility space, investing huge amounts of time and money into creating an innovative range of scooters for the global marketplace.

Afikim Products

All Afikim scooters are created with comfort and safety in mind. The company takes these things very seriously, and Afikim scooters meet all American and European safety standards with FDA approval, ISO certification, and more. 

There are currently four scooters in the main Afikim line, and for each of them there are slightly different variations available:

  • Afiscooter S: An ergonomically designed scooter that has won numerous awards for its safe and comfortable design. It’s spacious, stable, and can handle multiple types of terrain, making it an ideal choice for adventurous users.
    • Features include a luxury orthopedic seat and a robust frame. The S3 is built more with safety and comfort in mind, while the S4 has a little more maneuverability and has more battery power
  • Afiscooter C: Comes fitted with several features that allow the user to continue living a relatively normal, independent life. It’s safe, comfortable, has a wide range, and includes lots of storage space
  • Afiscooter M: A highly mobile and safe scooter that comes fitted with a large cargo space in the back and a built-in toolbox in the front. It has three wheels to improve maneuverability and it offers impressive ground clearance, making it a good choice for outdoor usage
  • Afiscooter SE: The SE looks like a souped-up motorcycle and offers impressive maneuverability, as it can cover any terrain. It has plenty of storage space as well, so you can take your essential supplies with you when you hit the road. 

For more information, visit, where you can find product brochures, warranties, and more. You can also speak with an authorized dealer.

Order Information

Afikim mobility scooters are available from licensed dealers around the world. There are several locations across Europe and Africa, but the bulk of the company’s products are sold in Australia and North America.

In the United States, you can find Afikim dealers in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Utah, Florida, and California. For a full list of dealers, and to find the nearest one to you, click this link

Afiscooters are covered by a minimum one-year warranty, which provides cover for most manufacturer defects and other issues. To discuss returns and extended warranties, you will need to speak with the dealer directly, as these are not provided by the manufacturer.

Learn More

The main Afikim headquarters is in Israel north of the Jordan Valley. However, the company has a presence all over the world, and you can learn more about its products by speaking with a licensed dealer or speaking with a company representative. Use this contact form to send a message or dial 1-844-313-7115 to speak with a representative.