Comfort Chair Company Brand Profile

Wisconsin-based Comfort Chair Company manufactures American-made life chairs for customers nationwide. These chairs are made by a highly skilled workforce with a lot of experience wherein everybody is working to produce reliable, durable, and supportive chairs designed to make your life easier.

Lift Chairs are designed to slowly propel you to your feet with the press of a button. They are robust, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of, making them the perfect chair for people with injuries, illnesses, and limited mobility.

Comfort Chair Company Products

Lift Chairs are available in a variety of sizes and colors, with some designed for heavy-duty users and for larger customers. The product range covers the following:

  • 3-Position Lift Chair: Available in several sizes, including Petite, Standard, Comfort, Support, and Quality, with weight limits of between 400 and 500 pounds, and close to 20 different upholstery options
  • Wall Saver Lift Chair: These chairs can be placed just several inches from the wall and don’t need as much space as other lift chairs
  • Sleeper Lift Chair: Softer seats, more padding, and greater comfort comes along with these chairs. They can be reclined fully, making them perfect for when you need a quick nap or a long sleep
  • Heavy-Duty Lift Chair: Built to last, the Comfort Chair Company Heavy-Duty Lift Chair is made for users of up to 500 lbs. and has an extra-wide design

Ordering Information

Visit the Comfort Chair Company showroom in Minnesota to see their full range of products. There is also information listed on the Comfort Chair Company website. These chairs are sold by licensed dealers and retailers across the United States, one of the biggest of which is Wayfair. 

Expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for a premium lift chair from Comfort Chair Company, with financing available through the company and not through the manufacturer. Warranties and additional protection plans are also offered, and you can get more information on these directly from the retailer.

Comfort Chair Company Reviews

There are numerous Comfort Chair Company product reviews on retail sites, most of which are on Wayfair. These reviews generally have a lot of praise for the company’s products, and the only negative ones we could find had to do with some minor issues that shouldn’t trouble the majority of consumers.

For instance, there is a 3/5 star review complaining about a slow motor and sticky mechanism for a 400 lb. man. Another complains about the chair getting stuck completely after just 6 months of use.

In the first instance, it’s worth noting that many Comfort Chair Company lift chairs are designed for users of 400 lbs. and under, which puts the first user at the limit of what these chairs are capable of. It’s not unexpected for the motors to fail at this point. In the second instance, 6 months should mean the product is still within its warranty, so it will be replaced.

In other words, these issues are nothing to worry about, just make sure you pay close attention to the weight limits because, if you go over, you may void your warranty.

Learn More

At the time of writing, a lot of the product links on the Comfort Chair Company page are broken, and the site looks like it hasn’t been properly updated in a while. This is not a massive issue, however, as it’s a manufacturer and works on a business-to-business model. 

For more information about the company’s products, we recommend contacting a dealer, whether that be your local furniture store or a major online retailer like Wayfair. You can also speak with the manufacturers directly by emailing or by dialing 888-990-9394.