Solax Mobility Brand Profile

Solax Mobility is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer focusing on mobility scooters, accessories, and replacement parts.

Solax Mobility Products 

There are only a couple of scooters in the Solax Mobility range, but both are designed to provide optimal comfort while delivering a safe and maneuverable ride. Solax Mobility scooters are foldable, which makes them easier to store keeps them from taking up space in your garage or home.

The Transformer Automatic Folding Scooter has an MSRP of over $3,000 but is often available for less than $2,500. It folds and unfolds at the press of a button and is compact enough to be taken on a plane. In fact, it is fitted with a lithium battery approved for storage on an airplane, which means you shouldn’t encounter any issues at the airport.

The Mobie Plus is a cheaper option, with an MSRP of $2,500 and an actual price of less than $2,000. The battery on the Mobie Plus is sizable, and a backup pack means you can travel 26 miles before you need to recharge. Its lightweight, foldable design means it’s very easy to store in your home or car.

Ordering Information

You can purchase Solax Mobility products through licensed dealers, both online and in person. The company also operates an e-commerce store, taking payments through PayPal and a secured third-party credit card platform. 

Shipping is free on most products and checkout is fast and secure. That being said, the Solax Mobility web store is not as active as many major retailers and, if you need extensive warranties, guarantees, accessories, or customization options, we recommend purchasing elsewhere.

You can also visit the Solax Mobility showroom or drop by another dealer’s showroom to see the scooters in person. This is always recommended when possible, but with a good return policy and a lot of online research it’s not essential.

Learn More

To get more information about Solax Mobility products, speak with your local dealer or call the company directly at 800-983-1306 and select option 2. The website also has a live chat feature.