Golden Technologies Brand Profile

In the mobility industry, the name Golden Technologies is synonymous with quality. It produces some of the world’s best power chairs, lift chairs, and mobility scooters, focusing on comfort, quality, safety, and stability, and helping millions of Americans maintain their independence during difficult times.

Golden Technologies’ Products

Innovation, safety, and complete freedom are the backbone of everything that Golden Technologies does. Its products are aimed at seniors and the disabled, and they are designed to heal, comfort, and provide independence. These products include:

  • Power Lift Recliners: Reclining Lift Chairs that are built to last and finished with luxury materials for optimal comfort. These chairs include Golden’s patented Twilight Technology, a tilting motion that supports the body completely and simulates a zero gravity experience
    • Life Recliners are available in different styles and finishes, with some aimed at more budget-conscious buyers and others built with luxury in mind
  • Mobility Scooters: One of the brand’s best sellers, Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters are built for adventure and life. They include a series of scooters that can be taken off-road, as well as ones built with more so with mobility and portability in mind
    • Most are fitted with lots of storage space and include powerful motors and strong suspensions
  • Power Chairs: Compact, motorized, and powerful wheelchairs delivering what Golden Technologies describes as the “utmost in comfort, style, and portability”

Ordering Information

Visit a local dealer to purchase Golden Technologies products. You can use the following Dealer Locator to find one in your area. Once you’ve received your product, visit this link to register it and to make sure it is fully protected with the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Golden Technologies website also contains extensive information on each of the company’s products, along with details on warranties and other essential resources.

Golden Technologies Reviews

Although it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Golden Technologies is not accredited there. It has received a number of complaints on BBB, but these have been answered promptly and dealt with in a manner that seems to have satisfied the complainants. 

The existence of complaints can be a concern, but mistakes happen, and this is definitely not unusual for a business that has been in operation as long as Golden Technologies has. What you need to focus on is whether or not those complaints have been dealt with, and that seems to be the case here.

Slightly more concerning is the fact there are numerous bad reviews on user review sites, with one site showing close to 30 reviews and an average rating of 1.7 out of 5 stars. However, there a few things worth noting here.

Firstly, if the company doesn’t actively request reviews, which is common with retailers of consumer products but less so with major mobility brands, then the reviews are left by customers who search for review sites, find the company, and then vent. This rarely happens when they have something good to say, and it typically only occurs when they want to attack the company.

That doesn’t mean the negative reviews are wrong, as we’re sure they are all genuine, but when you put all of these things together it can paint a very negative picture of a company that likely has 99% happy customers.

Secondly, many of these reviewers direct their anger at dealers and not at the manufacturer or its products. Again, this is to be expected, and while it’s not Golden Technologies’ fault, they should shoulder some of the burdens as they are partially responsible for the practices of their dealers.

Overall, we wouldn’t be concerned about these negative reviews. If you like the products, buy them. If you’re worried about potential issues down the line, get a valid warranty, check the return policy, and use a credit card. That way, if anything does go wrong and the dealer absolves themselves of all blame, there are several actions you can take.

Learn More

If you have a problem with your Golden Technologies product, contact the company here, while being sure to input your serial number so they know which product you have. There is no specific space for this number, but you can type it into the subject line or message box with the text at the top showing you how to find this number.

To register your warranty with the manufacturer, click here. For anything else, we recommend speaking with a dealer. Note that the manufacturer may only be able to help so much, but the dealer has a little more control and can arrange returns, replacements, and more.