Country Home Elevator and Stair Lift Brand Profile

Craig S. Jones founded Country Home Elevator and Stair Lift in 2001 and has spearheaded steady and consistent growth over the last two decades. It operates out of a home office in Missouri, with locations across several other states, and provides a range of quality stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, and more.

Country Home Elevator and Stair Lifts Products

Stairlifts and elevators are essential for maintaining independence. Losing your mobility is a terrifying prospect at any time, but it’s particularly inconvenient if you live in a multi-story house. 

Companies like Country Home Elevator and Stair Lift put you back in control, meaning you don’t need to move, resign yourself to living on the ground floor, or force yourself to climb that mountain every day.

It has a wide selection of lifts and elevators, and the one that’s right for you will depend on your needs, home, mobility, weight, and budget. Elevators may be a better choice if you have multiple floors to climb and a more generous budget, but for smaller homes and budgets, stairlifts can work just as well.

Speak with one of the company’s consultants to learn more and find the best option for you.

Ordering Information

Dial +1-888-971-6984 to speak with a sales rep and discuss your options for stairlifts and/or home elevators. You can also schedule a video call or visit the company’s showrooms, directions to which you can find here.

Country Home Elevator and Stair Lifts Reviews

Not only is Country Home Elevator accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it has held that status since 2005 and it has an A+ rating. There isn’t a great deal of online reviews out there for this company, but the ones that do exist are very positive and they highlight the company’s dedicated customer service and reliable products.