One Call Alert Medical Alert

One Call Alert is a medical alert brand that sells a couple of high-tech systems, both of which feature a no-frills design, affordable monthly plans, and waterproof help buttons, to name just a few benefits.

The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but it does have plenty of positive customer reviews and an A rating from several tech/medical review sites.

One Call Alert Products

There are a few products in the One Call Alert range. We have highlighted these below to help you find the most beneficial one for you.

One Call Alert In Home Wireless 

The basic One Call Alert system is a great option for customers who need an emergency help solution in and around their home, with coverage offered throughout the house and yard. You don't need a landline and will get all of the following features:

  • Waterproof Button: A wearable help button in wrist or lanyard style that is completely waterproof
  • Loud and Clear: Two-way communication capability with built-in speakers
  • GPS: As a cellular-based solution, the One Call Alert in-home unit is easier to set up and offers GPS tracking technology
  • Battery Backup: As the base unit connects to a power source, it could be rendered redundant following a blackout. If that happens, the backup battery will take over and run for up to 32 hours
  • Constant Emergency Monitoring Service: There will always be someone at the other end of the phone, supplying the user with complete protection in their home
  • Hassle-Free: Most packages offer free shipping and you don't need to pay for activation, nor will you need to sign any long-term contracts. There are exceptions, though

As for the cost of this unit, it varies from around $19.95 per month to $39.95 per month. That massive range is the result of a discount active at the time of writing.

One Call Alert In Home Wireless Pricing

The One Call Alert In Home unit is one of the most affordable medical alert systems on the market and is a great option for consumers on a budget. However, that only applies when there is a discount, and therein lies a problem.

At the time of this review, the One Call Alert In Home system is listed at $19.95 per month, which is incredibly cheap for a device that other companies sell for between $25 and $35. However, the annual option is $359.40 (equating to $29.90 per month) and the quarterly option is $98.85 ($32.95 per month). In other words, you'll pay more if you opt for the annual subscription, which is very unusual and quite confusing.

We spoke with the One Call Alert customer support team to clarify this and make sure it wasn't a mistake, and what they told is that it was the result of a limited promotion. Simply put, that $19.95 option is only available if you're willing to pay an initial set up cost of $49.95. Even with that additional cost, though, you're still paying less than the annual subscription ($289.35 compared to $359.40).

The usual monthly cost is $39.95, which makes the annual subscription worthwhile but also renders the product a little too expensive for our liking. At $19.95 a month, it's a steal and at $25, it's reasonable, but at nearly $40 per month, it's excessive. 

Keep an eye out for those discounts.

One Call Alert In Home Landline

At just $24.95, the In Home Landline option is an affordable way to stay protected, although unlike the wireless option above, you will need to connect through your landline. On the plus side, it has many of the same features, including a 32-hour backup battery, two-way communication, and a wearable button that you can wear around your wrist or neck.

As a result of the discounts mentioned above, the One Call Alert In Home Landline option is more expensive than the wireless one, but it's around $15 a month cheaper when the discounts are not applied.

One Call Alert Mobile On the Go

On the Go is a mobile medical alert device. It's available for $37.95 a month and like the other products, there are no long-term contracts or commitments. These devices include the following features:

Waterproof: The mobile units are completely waterproof, so they can be taken into the shower or used in the rain.

Two-Way Communication: A sensitive microphone picks up every word and a clear speaker ensures you hear everything spoken by the operations team.

GPS: The devices have GPS enabled to help emergency responders track you down in the event that you are lost and/or incapacitated.

One Call Alert Mobile Double Device

For $44.95 a month, the One Call Alert Mobile Double aims to safeguard you and a loved one. As the name suggests, it's a double unit backed by cellular technology and both devices have the same features outlined above.

At nearly $45 per month for the monthly option and around $40 for annual options, this system is going to be too expensive for many customers. However, when you compare it to doubling-up on a standard mobile alert system, it's a very affordable and reasonable option.

If you want that added peace of mind for yourself and a partner, then it's worth considering. 

The Best One Call Alert Emergency Response System

Your situation, needs, and budget will dictate which of these medical alert systems is best for you. Personally, we tend to lean more toward the In Home Wireless system, especially if you can secure one of the many discounts that the company offers throughout the year.