MobileHelp Medical Alert

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, MobileHelp is a specialist in mobile personal emergency response systems. It serves all 50 states and provides a selection of top products and state-of-the-art features, all of which we'll cover in this MobileHelp review.

About MobileHelp

MobileHelp is a very well-reviewed company and it has received praise from hundreds of happy customers. It is BBB accredited and currently holds an A+ rating. The company has been in business for over 12 years and has constantly sought to create better, more accurate, and more affordable mobile systems for elderly, disabled, injured, and ill customers.

MobileHelp's mobile systems follow a very simple format. Take a look at the following example:

  1. An individual wanders off and becomes isolated from their caregivers or loved ones
  2. They press a button on a pendant that they wear around their neck
  3. The wearer's information and location are sent to emergency response operators
  4. A two-way communication chat is activated to further assess the situation and provide assistance if required
  5. The operator contacts a loved one, neighbor, or the emergency services depending on the user's current needs and situation

This basic geo-location technology is what makes these mobile medical alert devices so effective and essential, but there is more to them than that. They also include automatic fall detection and other features, as noted below.

MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

Although MobileHelp focuses on its mobile alert systems, the company also produces home base stations for use inside the house. There are a few different products to choose from, so read on to find one that suits your needs and budget.

MobileHelp Classic

A simple system that includes an in-home base unit and a large help button that can be carried around the home and even taken into the shower, as it is waterproof. It has a 1,400-foot range, so it will also work outside of the home, although it's only suitable for use in the yard.

Help can be contacted at the push of a button and you don't even need a landline to set up the device. You can get 24/7 US-based monitoring, and all of this is available for a retail price of $40 a month, a number that regularly drops to between $20 and $30 with discounts. You can save even more if you purchase a full year in advance, which is priced at $360 at the time of writing.

MobileHelp Wired Home

The most affordable option in the MobileHelp catalog and the only one that connects through your landline. It has an impressive 1,300-foot coverage area and can be used with a wearable emergency help button. The unit is currently priced at $24.95 per month or $275.40 per year.

MobileHelp Solo

If you only need one mobile unit, then this is the option for you. You will pay just under $38 per month and get a waterproof unit, a waterproof wearable help button, GPS tracking, easy installation, and 24/7 US-based monitoring.

MobileHelp Duo

The Duo is arguably the most complete MobileHelp medical alert system, as it includes the at-home base station, the wearable help button, and a mobile unit to take with you when you leave the house. 

The unit costs just over $40 per month and you can add an automatic fall detection option for $10 extra per month. 

MobileHelp Mobile Duo

The Mobile Duo is just two mobile alert systems combined into a package that costs just under $45 per month. You will get two mobile units and two help buttons, along with all the great features offered by the MobileHelp mobile unit.

Other Features of MobileHelp Products

Most of the products mentioned above come with free ground shipping, which means you won't be hit with shipping charges in addition to the monthly costs. There no is activation fee and you will get a free lockbox with most orders as well. The lockbox is a little box that sits outside your home and will give someone access to your home in the event of an emergency.

MobileHelp is one of the few companies that gives you the hardware for free once you sign on the dotted line and agree to pay the monthly cost.

If you're not sure if any of their products are right for you, you can take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Summary: Buying a MobileHelp Medical Alert System

As you can see, MobileHelp has some great options and uses some of the most advanced mobile and GPS technology to ensure you're safe and sound when you're out and about. The pricing is a little on the high side when compared to some other brands, but a lot of those costs are offset by the fact that you won’t be hit with shipping charges, activation fees, and other hidden costs.