Does AARP Recommend Specific Medical Alert Systems?

The internet is full of articles claiming that the AARP recommends a certain medical alert device. If we were to take these articles at face value, then AARP has pretty much praised every company out there. It's like someone asked them, "Which medical alert system do you like the best?" and they answered, "All of them."

The truth, however, is that these articles are mostly nonsense. The AARP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to its members. It's neutral, and it doesn't make a habit of recommending any single service or product.

It has certainly written about medical alert systems in the past and it has an extensive guide on how to choose a medical alert system, but it doesn't make a direct recommendation.

But What About...

There are a few blog articles that list companies like Medical Alert, Life Alert, and ADT as being "AARP recommended," but they go on to cite this article as their source and, in particular, the following sentence:

"Many of these systems are still on the market, including ones from Life Alert, Medical Alert, Alert1, AMAC and ADT (makers of the AARP-affiliated ADT Companion Service®)"

It's a perfectly innocent sentence that highlights a few of the companies out there. It was also published way back in 2010, so it omits a few newer companies. What it doesn't do, however, is make a recommendation. In fact, it doesn't even discuss prices or features.

Let's not blame the blogs, though. They're only answering consumer questions in a way that allows them to highlight a few affiliate links, and there's nothing wrong with that. But just to be clear, the AARP doesn't make any such recommendations and if an article is suggesting otherwise, make sure you check and double-check the source.

Helpful Recommendations for Medical Alert Systems

Although the AARP won't point you toward the best medical alert system, there are many other sites and communities that will, including our very own! We have a wealth of guides to help you find the best medical alert companies and products, as well as some tips on features like automatic fall detection, and numerous discussions about price.

Take a look around, read our reviews, and you'll find the right service for you. You don't need to be an AARP member, but if you are, you should check to see if your chosen brand offers any discounts for AARP members. They are not as common as you might think, but it doesn't hurt to look and ask.