Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

Many veterans can benefit from the use of medical alert systems. They provide features such as automatic fall detection and wearable help buttons that ensure the user receives help whenever they need it. For someone who has a mobility problem, struggles with PTSD, or has memory impairment, these features are essential.

In this guide, we'll look at the best medical alert systems for veterans and even show you how to get a device for free!

Free Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

According to the old adage, you can't put a price on health, happiness, and peace of mind. You really can, though, and the medical alert system industry has made a fortune doing just that. The truth is, if you don't have the money to spare, then peace of mind is often something you have to give up.

It's a different story for veterans, though, as there are systems designed specifically to be used by veterans that are provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

However, before you rush off and add a top-of-the-line Medical Guardian or Bay Alarm GPS device to your cart, it's worth noting that the VA will only cover two specific products from two specific providers. Keep in mind that they may not have the features that you need, and you’ll have to jump through a few hoops to get them.

LiveLife Mobile Alarm

The LiveLife is a simple and affordable device that doesn't charge a monthly fee and is available through a VA-funded program.

It costs just under $500 if you're buying privately, so it's not a cheap and flimsy device and it provides coverage when you're inside and outside the house. To receive help, just press the help button and it will dial one of 6 preset numbers, including loved ones and the first responders.

It is water-resistant and comes with built-in automatic fall detection alongside a two-way speaker. It's a handy device to have and it offers a number of benefits, but it's not for everyone.

One of the main issues is that it doesn't connect to a monitoring service, which is what many users look for when purchasing a medical alert system. Still, if you're on a budget and are able to get one of these alert devices for free, who's complaining?

MedEquip Alert Device for Veterans

The MedEquip Alert device offers many of the same benefits as the LiveLife Mobile Alarm and it even connects to an emergency monitoring service. It includes a lanyard and can be worn around the neck. It is also fitted with auto fall detection and a two-way speaker.

In the event of a fall or other emergency situation, simply press the button and you will get the help you need.

How to Get a Free Alert System as a Veteran

To get a free medical alert device as a veteran, you first need to contact a VA nurse, doctor, or another VA-registered healthcare provider. Tell them why you want a medical alert system and communicate just how beneficial it would be. If they deem it necessary, they will discuss the process with you and help you acquire one of the above systems.

Just remember that they are not given out to everyone and you won't qualify just because of your veteran status, even if you have some memory and/or mobility problems. In the event that they reject you and you still feel like you need a mobile or home medical alert system, you can go through a private company and purchase it directly.

It's a fairly costly option, but if you strip everything back to the barebones, omitting automatic fall detection, GPS tracking features, and other extras, you can find one that includes a 24/7 monitoring service and costs around $20 a month.