Medical Alert Systems for Diabetics

It has been suggested that as much as 10.5% of the USA population has diabetes, which is a scary statistic when you consider how debilitating the illness can become. In extreme cases, it could lead to seizures, fainting, and loss of coordination. If you live alone, these situations could be life-threatening, which is why medical alert systems are so important.

They utilize automatic fall detection features and wearable help buttons that connect with monitoring centers or loved ones in the event of an emergency. 

Medical Alert Systems for Diabetics

The following alert systems are ideal for sufferers of diabetes. They provide some much-needed peace of mind, and if you have hypoglycemia, they can also be lifesaving. It's not a complete list and there are many other great devices out there, so note that your shopping doesn’t have to start and end here.

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical's systems begin at only $19.95. For that price, you will get the most basic base unit and a wearable help button, and if you spend a little more you can add a GPS tracker, wall-mounted help buttons, automatic fall detection, and a smartwatch.

The base unit connects to a power supply in your home and works throughout the home and yard. It has a 32-hour battery backup in the event of a blackout and it's easy to install and remove, so you can take it with you when you visit a friend. You can choose a landline or cellular connection and there is a risk-free trial as well as a dedicated customer support team.

LifeFone At-Home Cellular with Fall Detection

The LifeFone At-Home Cellular is a little more expensive than the basic Bay Alarm unit, but it provides a few interesting features.

It comes with a clear two-way speaker, 24/7 emergency care assistance, and a bracelet that calls for help with a single push. The LifeFone monitoring center will connect you to first responders or a neighbor/loved one depending on the situation, and the device also comes with medication reminders to remind you about mealtimes and insulin injections.

The wearable button is completely water-resistant and for only $5 extra per month, you can add automatic fall detection. This service is available to all medical alert customers and triggers an emergency call as soon as the wearer falls, even if they are unable to press the button.

LifeStation At-Home Medical Alert System

LifeStation is available for just under $22 per month and comes with a fall detection sensor and a wearable help button. It works up to 500 feet away, is water-resistant, and promises to connect individuals with an emergency response center in only a few seconds. 

It promises one of the fastest response times in the industry and has a wealth of great reviews, with customers praising the durability of the equipment, the professionalism of the support, and the speed of the responses.

A GPS option is available, as well, although there is a sizeable price difference between this option and the most basic one.