Freedom Alert: A Medical Alert Company

Freedom Alert launched in 2006 and offers advanced medical alert systems out of its base in Maryland. These systems are sold to customers across the United States, providing protection by offering emergency solutions in the event of a trip, fall, or another emergency.

About Freedom Alert 

Freedom Alert does things a little differently from other medical alert providers. The majority of companies in this industry charge a monthly fee for their systems. More often than not, you will pay an activation fee and will be charged anywhere from $20 to $60 per month thereafter.

In exchange, you’ll get access to an emergency operations team that will always be a button press or voice command away.

With Freedom Alert, you buy the software outright, paying a large initial cost (or spreading the cost over several months) and avoiding any additional monthly fees, activation fees, and more. However, the features might not be what you’re looking for and these systems don’t work quite in the same way as those sold by the likes of Medical Guardian, Philips Lifeline, and MobileHelp.

The Freedom Alert System

One of the main differences with the Freedom Alert medical alert system is that it doesn’t connect to an emergency operations team. This is quite a significant point, as most of the monthly fee that other companies charge is tied to this service and without it, that “no-monthly fee” promise doesn’t sound as impressive.

With the Freedom Alert device, you simply create a few presets to establish who you want to contact in the event of an emergency. You can call friends, family members, neighbors, and even 911, but the call will always be direct, so you won’t be connected to an intermediary.

The Freedom Alert system comes with a base unit that can also be used to answer incoming calls, as well as a two-voice voice pendant. It claims to be the “world’s first two-way emergency pendant communicator.” We can’t verify whether or not Freedom Alert got there first, but there are definitely other companies offering this service today.

The base unit provides wireless coverage that extends to 600 feet, and it is available for a one-time fee of $249.95 or three payments of $84.95. You can also purchase an additional emergency wall communicator, an extra pendant, and a lockbox.

Freedom Alert vs. Other Companies

$249.95 is a lot of money to spend at once, but it absolves you of monthly fees and obligations, so it might be worth it in the long term. When you compare it to other medical alert systems, there really is no comparison.

For instance, the Freedom Alert is somewhat similar to the Home Guardian from Medical Guardian, and at its cheapest, it costs $384.45 per year, with fall detection priced at an additional $120.

As previously stated, though, this is not a like-for-like comparison. Even though they are both wireless medical alert systems that come with pendants and emergency options, the home guardian connects to an operations team and the Freedom Alert does not.

If you’re only interested in a service that alerts your friends and family in an emergency, the Freedom Alert is definitely a better and more cost-effective option. If you need the additional support that an operations team can provide, including the ability to direct you to the right service and stay on the line until they arrive, you’ll need to look elsewhere.