Does Verizon Have a Medical Alert System?

Verizon medical alert systems offer a more mobile alternative for customers seeking protection inside and outside of the home. They work through the Verizon cellular network and, depending on the device, may also offer features such as fall detection.

In this guide, we'll take a look at some Verizon wireless alert devices, as well as the original Verizon SureResponse, which has since been discontinued.

Verizon Medical Alert Systems: SureResponse

The Verizon SureResponse was a Verizon medical alert system that was discontinued back in 2014/2015. It was initially available as either a subscription model or a one-time payment, but it ultimately proved to be unsustainable for the company.

One of the biggest issues was that the product claimed to be water-resistant, but many customers complained about it breaking down in the rain and in the shower. Devices like this need to be water-resistant so that they can literally be taken anywhere, and if they aren't actually waterproof, they're useless for the majority of consumers.

It also had very limited battery life and its lifespan often ended long before it was supposed to. It seems that some users actually appreciated this medical support system and got a lot of benefits out of it, but the people who weren't disappointed with the device's reliability were eventually left disappointed when it was discontinued.

The Verizon Care Smart Watch

The Verizon Care Smart Watch is not a medical alert device. It won't connect to you an emergency response center and it doesn't offer fall detection, but you can use it to make one-touch phone calls directly through the device and set reminders. If you're being pestered by cold callers, you can use this Verizon watch to create a pre-set list of trusted contacts, and only the people on that list will be able to send you a text message or make a phone call.

It's useful to have a watch like this at hand. You can use it to call a loved one in the event of an emergency and they can also monitor you when you're out of the house to make sure you’re safe. However, if you suffer from memory problems or mobility issues, you will be better off with a more advanced mobile medical alert device.

Which Medical Alert Systems Work with Verizon?

The following medical alert systems utilize Verizon's cellular connectivity, providing wearable buttons, GPS location tracking, and more. 

Prime Medical Alert NextAlert II

The NextAlert II connects to an emergency response team at the press of a button and is also capable of detecting falls and triggering an automatic alert. It has built-in accelerometers to detect when the wearer goes from a standing to a falling position, at which point the alert will be sent and a loved one or first responders can be called.

The NextAlert II can be worn in the shower and comes with a series of preset and pre-programmed responses that make your life a little bit easier. It can be used anywhere and works through a cellular service, including Verizon.

Family 1st Medical Alert

By utilizing Verizon cell towers, Family 1st Medical Alert systems provide coverage throughout the United States. You don't need to have a Verizon cell phone contract to use this mobile medical alert system and you can add automatic fall detection for an additional monthly fee.