CVS Symphony Medical Alert System

CVS Pharmacy is one of several major retailers to dip its toes into the medical alert industry. The CVS Symphony is an industry-leading medical alert system that comes bundled with a few essential monitoring devices and provides complete peace of mind for individuals with limited mobility. 

The CVS Symphony Medical Alert Device

The CVS Symphony includes several different devices and a host of features, including the following:

Voice Activated Smart Hub

The hub is the foundation of the CVS Symphony medical alert system. It's the base unit through which the user can make emergency calls and connect with a 24/7 personal emergency response team, as well as their loved ones. It promises clear 2-way communication and even connects through an app that caregivers can use.

The wearable care button can be strapped around the wrist or neck and used to connect with the hub in the event of an emergency. The 24/7 personal emergency response team can perform wellness checks, notify loved ones, or contact first responders. There is also an app that can be used by an unlimited number of caregivers.

The Care Button is available separately from CVS Pharmacy, but it requires a Smart Hub to work. The Hub itself starts at $149.99 and is available in a couple of different packages.

CVS Symphony Entry Sensors

Available as a 2-pack for $49.99, the Entry Sensors monitor a loved one's safety at home. You can use them on doors, cabinets, or windows, and they will detect whenever an individual tries to leave the house or a room before sending an alert to caregivers.

CVS Symphony Motion Sensors

The Motion Sensors are similar to the Entry Sensors but are designed for use inside the home. They are included in the main Symphony Bundle and can help caregivers keep track of high-risk patients, including those with memory impairment.

Buying a Medical Alert System from CVS Pharmacy

The complete CVS Symphony medical alert system is available as the "Symphony Essential Bundle." In addition to the items mentioned above, it includes an automatic fall sensor, which triggers an alert when the wearer falls. It is currently listed for $249.99 and also requires a $39.99 monthly subscription. It's a good system, as noted above, but that's a massive price tag when compared to other medical alert providers. 

On the plus side, there is no long-term contract, but you'd expect that to be the case for such a high initial payment. After all, those fixed contracts are partially designed to cover the cost of the equipment. A company isn't going to give you expensive equipment with the knowledge that you could pay $20 to $40 for a single month, cancel your contract, and then keep everything.

Alternatively, you can purchase the "Symphony Basic Bundle," which costs $149.99 upfront, $29.99 per month, and includes the smart hub and care button. It's more of a standard medical alert system, but the price is still a little on the high side. $29.99 a month isn't too bad and is roughly in line with what you would pay elsewhere, but adding $149.99 on top of that is a big ask.

Summary: The CVS Symphony

CVS Health, the parent company of CVS Pharmacy, is committed to helping consumers live independently. It's a massive corporation that generates over $250 billion in annual revenue and offers a wealth of products and services for individuals with mobility issues and memory impairment.

The company’s products can give caregivers peace of mind, put the patient on the path to better health, and allow them to continue living freely and independently in their own home.

The CVS Symphony might not be the biggest or the most advanced system on the market, but it's certainly one that you should add to your list. The addition of motion sensors provides more of a complete package that will appeal to a wide range of users.