Stannah is a reputable brand in the global stairlift space. They manufacture stairlifts and work with partners to supply them to end-users across the world. Stannah is built around principles of freedom, independence, and safety. They also enjoy building friendships with their clientele. 

Joseph Stannah started this company in 1867 when he was manufacturing cranes and hoists. The company evolved over time and the fifth generation of the Stannahs has built a world renowned brand focused on making stairlifts. 

Here are some of Stannah’s top products.

The Siena Straight Stairlift

This stairlift is built for narrow staircases. It comes in a compact design and can be customized to fit into different kinds of staircases. The Siena Straight Stairlift comes with different seat widths, as well as longer arms and a curved seat back, which make it the ideal stairlift for small homes.

Its parts are easy to clean and practical for everyday use, and it also comes with vinyl upholstery that’s available in 6 colors. Note that there is also a Siena design for curved staircases. 

Features of the Siena

  • Wide seats
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Powered footrest
  • Longer armrests
  • Comes with batteries
  • Has an intuitive belt
  • Curved seatback
    • Allows the passenger to sit further back in the stairlift. This prevents the knees from sticking out into the staircase while the stairlift is in motion, and makes it ideal for narrow staircases

The Sadler Stairlift

The Sadler is designed for people with limited flexibility in the hips, knees, and/or back. The seat has a near-standing position, which makes it ideal for people who feel pain when seated. 

Features of the Sadler

  • Stone colored upholstery
  • Perch-style seat design
    • This allows the passenger to be in a position midway between sitting and standing. It takes the weight away from the hips, knees, and back, while also making it easy to ease in and out of the stairlift
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Immobilizer seat belt which prevents the stairlift from moving if the seatbelt is not locked in place
  • Non-slip seat
    • The seat has soft ridges to prevent the user from slipping from the seat while the stairlift is moving

Stannah Outdoor Stairlift

The Stannah Outdoor comes fitted with durable, UV-resistant plastic to protect it from the harsh elements of outdoor weather. It’s designed to offer homeowners an alternative to slippery and wet outdoor stairs all year round. The Stannah Outdoor Stairlift is safer than a ramp and more compact than a vertical platform lift. 

Features of the Stannah Outdoor Stairlift

  • Easy to use joystick attached to the armrest
  • Energy efficient
  • Weather resistant
    • The seat, battery, and movable parts all have waterproof covers. As previously mentioned, the seat is fitted with UV resistant plastics to protect it from damage from direct sun rays
  • High weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. 

Additional Stairlift Models Sold by Stannah

Stannah Starla

The Starla is the most customizable stairlift offered by Stannah. It allows the buyer to design a stairlift that suits their needs. 

Stannah Scout

This is the most economic Stannah model. It has most of the features of the Siena and Starla, and ensures the user a safe and reliable ride despite the low cost.