Spinlife Brand Profile

Spinlife is the self-proclaimed “expert in motion” and is a brand that promises to change the way consumers think about mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and other accessibility products. They do so by providing a higher quality service and an affordable product.

Not only has Spinlife collected numerous awards over the years, but it also has its own awards program. Known as the “Good Egg”, this is given to a single standout manufacturer every year. Previous winners have included Flex-A-Bed and Sunrise Medical.

About Spinlife

Founded in 1999, Spinlife aims to do things a little differently and has served over half a million Americans over the years. One of its promises is to send a certified technician to repair and/or check your product, as opposed to sending you a general repair person.

Spinlife Products

Anything you need to improve your mobility and regain some independence can be purchased from Spinlife. This includes:

  • Manual Wheelchairs: From basic wheelchairs to recliners, rehab chairs, and more. Spinlife stocks products from some of the best manufacturers in the world, including Merits USA, Invacare, Sunrise Medical, and Motion Composites
  • Mobility Scooters: Including two, three, and four-wheel scooters, ranging from an affordable $650 to a luxurious $2,500
    • Multiple motors, storage options, and custom fittings are available.
  • Power Wheelchairs: Choose your weight limit and browse a selection of full-size, heavy-duty, and travel chairs
  • Lift Chairs: Cozy chairs designed to lift you in and out, keeping you comfortable and improving your home life
    • Prices range from under $500 to over $1,500 and include brands such as Pride, Golden Technologies, and Drive Medical
  • Beds: Adjustable beds can give you more freedom and control in bed, whether you’re relaxing, recovering, working, or reading
    • Hospital beds, low beds, specialty beds, and a range of other medical beds are also available
  • Patient and Vehicle Lifts: These accessibility lifts provide greater access for your home, car, or business, with brands such as Hoyer, Handicare, Bestcare Lifts, and Prism Medical
  • More: Spinlife also sells cushions, walking aids, pool lifts, scooter/chair parts, batteries and chargers, massage equipment, exercise equipment, standing frames, and more

Ordering Information

Order your mobility products directly through the Spinlife website and have these delivered to your doorstep. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal, and there are also options for money orders and checks. 

Alternatively, financing is available through Bread. You will be asked some basic questions to see if you qualify for this and will then be shown a monthly rate. Be sure to check the interest rate and penalty fees before you agree to anything and remember that missed payments may negatively impact your credit score.

Spinlife Reviews

Unfortunately, Spinlife has a low overall review score on SiteJabber and Yelp, which is an understandable concern for many prospective customers. We’ve also seen a lot of complaints about the company on YouTube.

Is this a major concern? Yes. Does it mean that the company is bad and that you should avoid it? Not necessarily. We like to give all companies a chance, and that’s especially true for ones that are as big and respected as Spinlife. After all, you don’t stay in business for more than 2 decades without doing something right.

So, how can we excuse such a bad review score? Well, firstly, it’s worth noting that, unlike many other retailers, Spinlife doesn’t work with a review site. That means means it doesn’t send automatic customer review requests.

This is a system that generates a lot of good reviews, as it targets customers approximately 1 to 2 weeks after they have ordered, at which point they have just received their product and are generally very happy. This is why some retail sites get hundreds of reviews a day, all of which are verified.

When no such system exists, the only way a customer can leave a review is by actively searching for a term like “Spinlife reviews,” and finding an appropriate site, joining/logging in, and leaving their review. This is generally not something that a happy customer will do, rather it’s something that an angry customer will definitely do.

Retail companies make mistakes. Orders are delayed, delivery companies encounter problems, manufacturers don’t follow through with their side of the deal, and all the frustration is then directed at the retailer. As a result, it’s not unusual to see angry reviews.

To make matters worse, Spinlife received a deluge of bad reviews after March 2020, and many were complaining about delayed orders. Like many companies, Spinlife no doubt experienced a few backlogs at this time. With staff falling ill, suppliers shutting down, and delivery companies reaching their limits, it would be unfair to direct all the hate at the retailer.

All things considered, most negative reviews are nothing to worry about, but the fact that there are so many is certainly a problem. If you’re concerned, we recommend using a credit card and checking for a retailer and manufacturer warranty on anything you buy. That way, if anything goes wrong and the company doesn’t respond, you can go through your bank or the manufacturer.

Learn More

Use the live chat feature on the Spinlife website if you need help placing an order or have a question about one of the company’s products. You can also dial 800-850-0335 from 9 am through 9 pm EST from Monday through Friday, from 10 am through 6 pm EST on Saturday, and from 10 am through 4 pm EST on Sunday.