American Standard Brand Profile

The American Standard brand is one of the most recognized in the United States, and that didn’t happen by accident. This company has existed for over 100 years, and in that time, it has found its way into the majority of American homes and businesses. 

About American Standard

The American Standard corporation is a national leader in plumbing and building products, and it is one that spans multiple instantly recognizable brands. These brands include Crane Plumbing, Fiat, Eljer, DXV, Safety Tubs, Decorative Panels International, and American Standard.

It has been creating and innovating since 1875, when it was founded as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. After many years, multiple merges, and countless brand launches, its desire to invent and improve is as strong as ever.

American Standard Products

Anything you need for your kitchen, bathroom, or commercial premises can be bought from American Standard. This includes faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, bidets, shower supplies, and more. Many of these products are guaranteed to be lead-free, built with water conservation in mind, and ADA compliant.

Some of the products and technologies that can help customers with limited mobility include:

  • Walk-in Tubs: Every time you climb over the edge of your tub and step onto the slippery ceramic surface, you’re putting yourself at risk. As a result, seniors and disabled customers can purchase a walk-in tub instead
    • These tubs are bigger, deeper, and often fitted with hydrotherapy solutions. There’s no climbing and no risk. Simply open the door, step onto the non-slip surface, and hold onto the bars as you take a seat.
  • Hands-Free Faucets: Save time and energy when you turn on your kitchen and bathroom faucets with this neat and useful tech. Selectronic technology turns the faucet on and off with a simple wave of the hand
    • It’s ideal if you have limited mobility or just want to make life easier for yourself when cooking and cleaning.
  • Self-Cleaning Toilet: No one enjoys cleaning toilets, but it’s one of the many necessities of modern life. That is, unless you have a self-cleaning toilet from American Standard. These toilets use LYSOL and specialist flush hydraulics to keep everything clean and smelling fresh.

American Standard is one of America’s most innovative plumbing companies, and it invests a lot of money into new and exciting technologies. They’re all designed to make your life easier and cheaper by utilizing hands-free, water-saving, and self-cleaning technology.

Take a look at the company’s range to see this in action.

Ordering Information

You cannot place an order through the American Standard website. To purchase the brand’s products online, you need to search for American Standard products on Wayfair, Amazon, or Home Depot. 

Alternatively, you can use the store locator to find a local dealer and/or showroom. If you’re making a big purchase, we recommend visiting a local showroom. The American Standard website contains a lot of essential product information, but it still helps to see them in person. 

If you’re housebound, don’t have a lot of free time, or can’t make it to your local showroom, make sure you check on warranties and return policies just in case you encounter an issue and need to send it back.

Learn More

Speak with your local dealer or showroom to get more information about American Standard products. If you just bought something from American Standard, make sure you register your warranty here, and for info on returns, cancellations, and more, click here.

To speak with an American Standard representative, dial 800-442-1902 from 8 am to 9 pm EST between Monday and Friday.