Savaria Review

About Savaria

Savaria is a leading manufacturer of mobility solutions that has been in business for over 30 years. They make products that help people with mobility challenges get around at home, in a public space, or in a vehicle.

Savaria was founded by Marcel Bourassa in 1989. At the early stages of the company’s lifetime, it was dedicated to building wheelchair lifts. Since then, though, Savaria has expanded to become one of the leading manufacturers in the accessibility industry. Also, in 2014, the company started a foundation to give back to people challenged with mobility issues.

This company works through a network of dealers that are experts in mobility issues. They employ over 1,500 employees around the world, including a team that is dedicated to researching and developing new products.

Savaria’s headquarters is located in Canada in Laval, Quebec, but they operate in a number of divisions around the world.

About Savaria’s Products

Their wide selection of products includes home elevators, commercial lifts, stairlifts, ceiling lifts, and adapted vehicles. They also offer medical beds and therapeutic surfaces. Savaria has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and China, all of which help them serve the global market.

Savaria Stairlifts

Stairlifts are intended for people with mobility challenges that cannot be solved by a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Since stairs pose a significant challenge to most seniors, a stairlift can offer peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Savaria offers two types of stairlifts; straight and curved. As of now, they do not sell any outdoor stairlifts.

  • Straight Stairlifts: These are intended for use with a straight staircase. They are simple and inexpensive
  • Curved Stairlifts: These are custom made to fit on staircases with curves and intermediate landings. They cost more than straight stairlifts

Savaria Stairlift Models

K2 Straight Stairlift

This is a straight stairlift with an ultra- slim design.

K2 Plus Straight Stairlift

This is an upgrade of the K2 Straight Stairlift. It has a robust lifting power of up to 400 lb and comes with a spacious seat. 

Stairfriend Curved Stairlift

This is a curved stairlift intended for use on a curved staircase. 

Savaria Home Elevators

Savaria also offers five models of home elevators, all of which are listed below. These elevators come with elevator drive options and are relatively easy to install and use. They feature 360-degree views, gearless traction technology, and multiple cab sizes.

  • Vuelift: This is a classy home elevator featuring a 360-degree view. It has a unique drive system that ensures a smooth start and stop
  • Eclipse: This is a cab elevator that doesn’t require a machine room. This means that it saves space and takes less time to install
  • Infinity: This is a luxury cab elevator with a hydraulic drive system to offer a smooth and quiet ride
  • Gearless: This is a gearless elevator with high-density features to help operate the elevator. It also runs smoothly and quietly
  • Telecab: This is the most basic Savaria elevator. It is cheap to install and requires the least space

Savaria also sells commercial elevators and vertical platform lifts. All of their products can be purchased through dealers located inside and outside of the US.

Savaria Customer Reviews

Savariah is listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a rating of A+, which is impressive. In the last three years, there have only been three customer complaints. Customers who have reviewed the company on their Facebook page have given them an overall rating of 3.5/5.

Savaria responds to all customer complaints amicably. 


Savaria seems to be a reputable manufacturer of high-quality mobility solutions, such as stairlifts. Their product range is expansive, even though they offer limited options for stairlifts. It would be ideal if they offered outdoor stairlifts as well. 

Savaria mobility products are available throughout the US and Canada. Given that they have been in the industry for over 30 years, they qualify to be ranked among the top stairlift manufacturers with a global presence.