101 Mobility Review

About 101 Mobility

101 Mobility is one of the largest providers of mobility and accessibility solutions in the US. They focus on high-quality service and customer satisfaction, and have a mission to provide seniors and disabled people with high-quality mobility solutions. The company offers full-service sales, stairlift installation, and stairlift maintenance, among other things.

101 Mobility was established in 2008 by co-founders Luke Sampson and Keith Barnhardt. Two years later they were joined by Dave Pazgan, who started the franchise program. Through this program, 101 Mobility has become one of the largest suppliers of stairlifts in the US.

This company offers franchising opportunities throughout the US. Franchise fees range from $43,500 to $68,500 based on the location and the location’s population size.

The Process of Doing Business with 101 Mobility

Doing business with 101 Mobility is a straightforward process, but here’s what you should expect

  • Call a 101 Mobility location
  • Hear about your options
  • Have professional installers sent to your home to give you an estimate
  • Decide on a stairlift and payment plan
  • Schedule technicians to come to your home and perform the installation

About 101 Mobility Products

They offer a wide variety of products, including stairlifts, auto lifts, ramps, vertical platform lifts, elevators, and more. 

101 Mobility sells products from some of the top brands in the stairlift industry, including Bruno, Harmar, Golden Technologies, Liko, and Aqua Creek. They manufacture their own wheelchair ramps and work with top brand manufacturers to solve most challenges timely, efficiently, and effectively.

Benefits of Working with 101 Mobility   

  • They offer home consultation and evaluation at no cost to the customer
  • They sell products from top brands in the stairlift industry
  • They have many locations all over North America
  • They work with expert technicians
  • They offer a comprehensive and simple straight stairlift rental service
  • They offer a one-year service warranty 

101 Mobility Stairlift Options

101 Mobility offer three types of stairlifts: straight, curved, and outdoor.

101 Mobility Straight Stairlifts

The width of a 101 Mobility straight stairlift depends on the user’s needs. The seat, armrests, and footrest fold flat against the wall when not in use to conserve space.

All indoor stairlifts are battery powered but require access to a power outlet with 110v for recharging the unit’s battery. This serves as a backup power supply when there is a power outage.

101 Mobility offers the following straight stairlifts:

101 Mobility Curved Stairlifts

101 Mobility offers custom made curved stairlifts from leading stairlift manufacturers. These are designed to fit the unique configuration of your staircase’s turns, curves, and landings.

101 Mobility Outdoor Stairlifts

101 Mobility offers outdoor stairlifts to provide safe connectivity between your house and the outdoors. Outdoor stairlifts are available in both straight and custom curved designs. Additionally, they are specially designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including rain, cold temperatures, and UV light.

How Much Do 101 Mobility Stairlifts Cost?

Including installation fees, a 101 Mobility stairlift can cost $2,800–$5,000. Cost varies depending on the brand, type and specific features of the stairlift. Customized curve lifts can cost as much as $12,000.

101 Mobility’s Other Products

Apart from stairlifts, 101 Mobility offers a myriad of other products, including:

  • Ramps and handrails
  • Platform lifts
  • Patient lifts
  • Home elevators
  • Bath safety solutions
  • Lift chairs
  • Power scooters