Jacuzzi Brand Profile

Jacuzzi is one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. It instantly conjures images of whirlpool baths and hot tubs and, for many consumers, the name “Jacuzzi” is synonymous with these products.

In fact, Jacuzzi is a registered trademark and refers to a specific brand of hot tub, one created by a company that is still very much alive and well. Jacuzzi has not become a generic trademark, or a term used to denote a trademark that has lost its status after becoming a generic term, just yet, but it’s often cited as one of the best examples of this phenomenon.

About Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi brothers founded this eponymous brand in 1915 after moving to the United States from Northern Italy. In the early years, they made wooden propellers for the military and helped design and build aircrafts. In 1925, the brothers created the first submersible pump for the agricultural industry and, in the 1950s, this technology was finally utilized to create the products we know today. 

It began with the creation of a portable aerating pump that could be placed in a bathtub to create soothing jets of water. In the late 1960s, this pump was integrated into a whirlpool bath and, by 1970, the brand was creating hot tubs for the commercial market.

More than 50 years after the first whirlpool bath was created, Jacuzzi continues to innovate, finding new and exciting ways to heal with hydrotherapy. Many of its technologies have been replicated by other companies, but it still holds numerous patents, thus helping Jacuzzi stay one step ahead of most of its competition.

How Can Jacuzzi Products Help?

Jacuzzi products utilize something known as hydrotherapy, which can help to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and countless other ailments.

Firstly, Jacuzzi baths are deeper than traditional bathtubs, and this provides greater submergence and buoyancy and assists with that feeling of weightlessness. Bathing in warm water can help soothe aching joints and muscles, and Jacuzzi baths work by keeping the water warm throughout, so you don’t need to set the temperature to “searing” just so you have a few more minutes before it becomes lukewarm.

Finally, Jacuzzi baths are fitted with jets that shoot air at problem regions, such as the lower back, helping to relieve tension and stimulate blood flow. This, in turn, promotes healing and make you feel more relaxed and at-ease.

What Products Are Available?

As noted above, Jacuzzi has become synonymous with the outdoor hot tub, and with images of groups of friends drinking Champagne and enjoying warm, bubbling water while the world around them remains dark and cold. These outdoor hot tubs are certainly a major part of the Jacuzzi range, but Jacuzzi has had a long time to innovate and create since it began. As such, its range is huge.

Some of Jacuzzi’s mobility products include walk-in bathtubs, which have a low step and a secure door for easy entry and bathing, and wide, rolling shower doors. Jacuzzi even sells toilets and its own-brand of Epsom salts.

Where to Buy Jacuzzi Products?

You can find Jacuzzi showrooms across the United States. Click this link to find the one nearest you. We recommend seeing the products in person if you can, but doing so is not as important as when you’re buying a chair or a mattress. Regardless, it can still give you a better idea of what you’re buying and whether or not it’s right for you.

However, if you’re housebound, don’t live near a Jacuzzi showroom, or just don’t have the time or desire to visit, Jacuzzi products can also be purchased online from Wayfair, Lowe’s, Supply.com, and other major retailers.

Learn More

Visit this page to get more information on Jacuzzi warranties, an essential resource for all recent customers. You will need to register your product to get the manufacturer’s warranty, which differs depending on the type of product you bought. The Jacuzzi website also contains a full list of owner manuals, frequently asked questions, and more.

To contact Jacuzzi directly, dial 1-800-288-4002 or use this contact form. You will be placed in contact with a sales representative who can find the right product for you and answer any questions you have.