Medipendant Medical Alert Device

MediPendant is the alternate name for Medical Alarm Concepts, LLC, a creator of medical alert systems with many years of experience behind it. The company advertises the MediPendant product, which is a personal emergency response system that connects the wearer to experienced call center operators any time they trip, fall, or suffer from a serious health episode.

About MediPendant

MediPendant is a leading provider of medical alert systems in the United States. It claims to have some of the oldest and best patents in the industry and is also very proud to have coined the "Help, I've fallen" tagline, although it's really a variant of every other tagline used in this industry. Most of them are derived from "I've fallen, and I can't get up," which was first used by the now-defunct LifeCall and is currently owned by Life Alert.

The MediPendant

The MediPendant is a simply but smartly designed medical alert pendant that connects you to an emergency response team 24/7. Just push the help button and you'll be connected to a dedicated call center staffed by EMTs and other healthcare professionals.

You can speak and listen directly through the pendant and the operators speak both Spanish and English.

The MediPendant is water-resistant and comes with a protective rubber edge, so it should be able to withstand bad weather, drops, bumps, and almost anything else that you throw at it. It can be clipped to your belt, worn around your neck/wrist, and it has a range of 600 feet.

One of the few issues with the MediPendant medical device is that you can't pay for a month-by-month contract. Instead, you need to pay for 3, 6, or 12 months upfront. If you opt for the latter, you'll get a free lockbox and free shipping, with a subscription cost of just $29.95 per month. The other options aren't much more expensive ($32.95 for 6 months and $34.95 for 3 months) but you won't get the free lockbox or shipping.

On the plus side, the device itself is free when you purchase any of these subscription models.

Is the MediPendant the Best Medical Alert Device?

If you view the MediPendant website on its own without checking any other products and taking the company's word for it, you could be forgiven for thinking that this device is leagues above anything else on the market. While it's certainly a solid unit that comes with a number of beneficial features, it's not necessarily doing anything new.

At the bottom of the MediPendant website, for instance, there is a comparison table that compares the MediPendant to an unnamed competitor. 

This "competitor" is apparently limited to a range of 300 feet, even though the majority have at least twice that. Additionally, it doesn't offer clean communication and the ability to speak and listen directly through the pendant, even though multiple products offer that exact feature. It also shows a handy coverage image that implies the competitor has a range seemingly limited to a single room while MediPendant covers the whole house.

It's a little misleading because, unless you're buying a cheap medical alert device on eBay or Alibaba, or a device from a struggling company that relies on dated technology, you should be able to find the same features the MediPendant has elsewhere. Maybe they won't be as good, as diverse, and as affordable, but they do exist.

If you need a mobile alert device, then make sure you keep the MediPendant in mind when you run your comparison searches, but don't simply assume it's the best because the company implies that it is.