Wall Mount Lifts

Wall mount lifts help move patients from one place to another. For example, they can be used to move a patient from a wheelchair to a bed, bathtub, etc. They are also referred to as ceiling lifts.

Wall mount lifts have several benefits for the patient and the caregiver. They help the patient move from one point to another without causing further injury to the spine or joints, while also speeding up the recovery process by reducing strain. For the caregiver, these lifts simplify the process of caring for an injured or elderly person.

How to Use a Wall Mount Lift

  1. Pull the wall mount lift from the wall and position it at a comfortable height for the patient
  2. Position the sling adequately, making sure that the straps fit securely in place to prevent a fall
  3. Perform the transfer by making sure to lift the user to a comfortable position before they get to their destination
  4. Once they are safely transferred remove the slings and swing the lift back to its original position. Put the lifting bar and remote in their designated spaces.

Below are some reviews of the best wall mount lifts currently on the market.

Handicare Wall Mount Lift

The Handicare wall mount lift comes with a single rack that rests on two permanently attached wall mounts.  The P-440 lift unit is designed with standard features that make it easy to operate. It is light weight and easy to move.

Handi-Move Wall Mount Lift 2420

The Handi-Move wall mount lift is easy to use and install and it is built with enhanced safety in mind. It can be fit to a post between the ceiling and the floor to improve flexibility and to allow for it to be used in different rooms. Its lifting arm can be adjusted easily to the desired lifting range, and it can rotate up to 180 degrees.

Mounting Options

The Handi-Move has several mounting options. Usually, when there is no good place to install the lift, a post can be installed to support it. This means you will save money by making little to no modifications to your home.


This wall mount lift is versatile, as it can be used in different rooms. It is economical, especially when it is being used in a nursing home. While one arm is being used in the bedroom, the other arm can be used in the bathroom, for example. Consider installing it between the bedroom and the bathroom so that it can move between the two rooms more easily.

The Handi-Move has a great lifting range. As previously mentioned, it rotates to 180 degrees and it has an extendable boom arm. The arm’s flexibility further increases the flexibility of the lift as well as its lifting range.


Lastly, this wall mount lift is safe and reliable. Built in safety features include an emergency button that ensures that the boom arm is always lowered.

Reval Wall Mounted Lift

This wall mount lift from Reval is battery operated and easy to install. It is also foldable, which makes it easy to transport.

It comes with the following features:

  • 1/2-point swivel attachment
  • Hand control
  • A removable mast
  • An emergency lowering safety button
  • A built-in battery