The Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels

When an elderly person’s mobility declines, their personal hygiene routine takes a hit as well. They take longer breaks between showers and baths, and this increases the risk of skin conditions, as well as problems such as fungal nail infections. If you or a loved one is in a predicament like this, consider purchasing a reclining shower chair with wheels.

As the name suggests, these wheeled chairs are designed to be rolled into the shower. They recline to provide the user with more coverage and make life easier for patients and caregivers.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best wheeled shower chairs for seniors that you can buy right now, while also highlighting the features that you should look out for.

What to Look for in a Wheeled Shower Chair

To help you find the best chair for you, make sure you check out the follow factors:


Does it recline, does it have wheels, and does it contain a commode? These are some of the features to consider when purchasing a shower chair. The commode addition in particular can be very useful if you need a little support when using the toilet.


Some chairs are padded, others aren’t. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting down, you’ll want a chair that is soft and comfortable. Pay attention to the footrests as well, making sure you can extend your legs and maintain comfortable posture.

Size and Adjustability 

Can you adjust the chair to suit your size, how far does it recline, and is it compact enough to get through your bathroom door and into the shower? 


What materials is the chair made from? Is it waterproof and rust-proof, and is it durable and will it last? The seat also needs to be capable of quickly draining away any water that it comes into contact with. 

Weight Capacity

There is a limit to how much weight these mobility aids can take. If you weigh less than 200 pounds, this is generally not something to worry about, but overweight and obese patients should be mindful of the weight limit and make sure they don’t exceed it.

The Best Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels

All of the following wheeled shower chairs provide many of the features outlined above. This selection is by no means complete, so make sure you do your own research, read the product descriptions, and read customer reviews.

  • Contour Ultima Bath Chair: A simple wheeled chair with multiple straps, a metal base, strong casters, and a comfortable and sturdy chair. It is being sold by a few different online retailers and, at the time of writing, it is available for less than $500.
  • Healthline EZ Life Tilt Rehab Shower Commode: A very well built and affordable chair that retails for less than $1,300. It is no longer listed on Amazon, but if you run a Google search you will find it in a few locations. We found one of them selling this chair for less than $750. We’re not sure if it’s worth the full $1,300, but we also haven’t seen it listed at this price, so we can’t complain.
  • Seahorse Plus Toileting and Shower Chair: A premium chair that retails for around $4,000, making it the most expensive option on this list by far. It is incredibly well built and sturdy, and it should stand strong for years to come. As you would expect for that price, it’s one of the better chairs on the market, but if your budget is tight and you can’t justify the extra cost, the other options are just as suitable.
  • Freeway T-80 Tilt Shower Chair: A strong chair that you can pick up for less than $1,200. It is very sturdy and durable, and features slick and smooth movement, making it easy to move across the bathroom floor and into the shower.

Reclining Shower Chairs with Wheels from Amazon

While we usually highlight products being sold on Amazon, it didn’t have much to offer where these particular products were concerned. Many previously stocked items were either out of stock or removed from the site entirely. 

There were a few options remaining, but these are being sold for over $1,000, the brands are generic, and there are no customer reviews. It’s not worth taking a risk for something so expensive and something that few, if any, customers have purchased in the past.

Other Mobility Products for the Bathroom

Reclining shower chairs are just one of the ways you can make your bathroom safer and guarantee a safer bathing experience. Depending on your needs and your budget, you should also consider the following bathroom aids for seniors:

  • Bathroom Lift Chairs: These chairs sit in the middle of the bathtub and can be raised and lowered as needed. They range in price from around $150 to $650, and some of them can be folded down for easy storage or carrying.
  • Toilet Frames and Risers: Add some extra inches to your toilet seat or fix some handlebars on either side. If it’s a struggle to get on and off the toilet, these simple products, available for as little as $30, can make a massive difference.
  • Transfer Poles: When a grab bar isn’t enough, consider investing in a floor-to-ceiling transfer pole. These super-sturdy poles are adjustable and feature additional grab bars in the center.
  • Handheld Showerheads: When you struggle to clean yourself with a fixed showerhead, consider investing in a handheld option. They are surprisingly cheap and if you opt for a low-pressure option, you could reduce your water usage and save a few bucks on your utility bill.
  • Wall-mounted Shower Seats: Fixed seats that attach to the wall and offer safe and sturdy support when using the shower.