The Best Garden Kneelers and Stools for Green-Fingered Seniors

As you age, it becomes difficult to perform the tasks that you once loved, the things that made you get up in the morning and put a smile on your face. For many seniors, that includes gardening.

Bending over for prolonged periods is no longer feasible when you reach your senior years. It becomes a chore to bend, kneel, and hold those positions while you plant, sow, and weed. 

That’s where garden kneelers come in. These mobility aids can keep those fingers green as you enter your senior years and desperately try to keep your yard green and your vegetable patch prosperous.

What are Garden Kneelers?

In simple terms, garden kneelers are stools that you can take into the garden. You position them in front of your flower beds, sit on the sturdy surface, and take the pressure off your knees and back as you perform your weekly weeding.

If you’re a keen gardener but find that your once beautiful yard is turning into a forest because of back or leg problems, a garden kneeler could be just what you need. It’ll give you some much-needed support, allow you to maintain your independence, and ensure your yard stays green and beautiful all year long.

What to Look for in a Garden Kneeler

Garden kneelers are so named because you kneel on them while you work. They also work as stools, and many of them feature multiple positions, allowing you to go from sitting high to sitting low and then to kneeling. The higher positions are great for pruning and working raised beds, while the kneeling positions are ideal when you need to get your hands dirty weeding or planting.

A good garden kneeler should feature all the following:

Simple Assembly

Mobility aids are supposed to make your life easier. If it takes several fiddly hours to assemble and leaves you sweaty and frustrated, it’s not worth it. You can get help from friends and family members, but ideally you want something that you can assemble yourself with a few simple clicks.

Ideal Weight Capacity

All mobility aids have fixed weight capacities. If you exceed this limit, it may break or weaken. Look for the maximum weight capacity and make sure you stay within these limits. If you’re obese, look for heavy duty garden kneelers, which are made from sturdier materials and are capable of holding more weight.

A Solid Construction

Everything is plastic these days and if you want something cheap and easy-to-assemble, you’ll probably have to jump on the bandwagon. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality.

Look for something that uses a mixture of plastic and metal, something that is built to last and will withstand regular use and weather damage.

An Affordable Price

Good doesn’t have to mean expensive. You can get a very well-built garden kneeler without spending a fortune. If you choose wisely, it will remain strong and sturdy for years to come.

Easy Storage

Does the kneeler fold-up and can it be stored easily? How can you transport it from your home to your yard and where will you store it once you’ve finished using it? These are important questions to answer because you don’t want something that will take up unnecessary space in your home.

The Best Garden Kneelers

We’ve browsed through several dozen garden kneelers and cherry-picked some of the best ones, focusing on all the features outlined above. These products are available from Amazon and other major retailers. 

Just remember to do your research before you buy. Always read user reviews, check the shipping costs, and compare different sellers and retailers to see which one has the best price.

Miracle-Gro 3-in-1 Stool

One of the biggest names in the gardening industry, Miracle-Gro products always come with a guarantee of high quality and honesty. The Miracle-Gro stool is another example of this brand’s versatility and devotion to quality, and it is one of the best garden kneelers for seniors.

It is super-lightweight and can be used in three ways. Firstly, it’s a stool, and a sturdy one at that. Its portable and lightweight structure means it’s easy to move from your home to your garden and vice versa.

Secondly, you can lift up the seat and access a storage compartment underneath. It’s the ideal place to store small tools, seeds, and other gardening essentials. Last but not least, when you flip the stool over, you have a kneeler! The underside of the seat has foam padding to protect your knees while the legs turn into arm rests.

It’s ingenious, and it’s also cheap, retailing for less than $20. If that’s not enough to convince you, consider this, the Miracle-Gro 3-in-1 is suitable for users up to 440 lbs. (200 kilos).

Crystals Folding Garden Kneeler

Another low-cost and versatile option, albeit from a lesser-known brand, the Crystals Folding Kneeler contains a foam padded seat and kneeling surface. It’s not as strong and sturdy as the Miracle-Gro outlined above, and it’s available for the same price, but it may be more comfortable on your knees and should definitely be more comfortable on your backside.

What’s more, the simple structure makes it easy to fold and store. It’s ideal if you don’t have a lot of space and don’t need the extra storage or support provided by the Miracle-Gro stool.

Abco Tech Garden Kneeler

The structure and style of this garden kneeler is similar to the Crystal kneeler outlined above. In fact, if you browse through Amazon, you’ll see half a dozen different options, all with their own unique brands and all looking very similar. We’re not complaining, however, as they are all very affordable and have some top reviews.

The Abco is the most expensive of these options, but it also has some additional features. It is foldable, features thick foam padding, and also has side pouches to store your tools while you work.

At the time of writing, this product, and similarly branded ones, are available for between $430 to $500 and come with free tools and gardening gloves.

We would still recommend the Miracle-Gro 3-in-1 over the Abco Tech or the Crystal, but if you don’t like the design or need something that offers easier storage, these two are worth considering.