ElderWise.com is an independent website seeking to inform our readers with clear, insightful and concise insight into the products, communities, and services we review. We work hard, diligently evaluating through in-person and phone interviews, publicly available data and user experiences. Advertising helps support our website and enables us financially to pursue our mission while also ensuring this content can be free for our readers. If a reader clicks or calls one of our advertising partners on our site, we may receive a referral fee. We will never recommend a community, product or service unless we believe it is worth. Compensation does not direct our scoring. That said, at times we do have to work within certain advertiser guidelines to maintain or partnerships and continue to produce our valuable service to our readers. While we strive to review every community, product or service relevant to seniors, this is a huge task so we don’t claim to be fully comprehensive across the entire marketplace. But, we are trying.

How We Make Money

At ElderWise.com we pride ourselves on digging deep and providing quality insight into the communities, products and services we review. This isn’t easy, fast or cheap. We spend countless hours evaluating, rating and writing.

This hard work is supported by our ability to be compensated by advertising and affiliate partnerships. This enables us to provide our reviews free to our reader audience.

The team that works on the reviews we publish is not connected with our business side. They function independently to conduct reviews through the lens of consumers, with their core interests in mind. They are tasked with providing a thoughtful analysis based on their own experience, available data and those experiences of others.

If a reader chooses to contact a senior living community or purchase a product or service through ElderWise.com, by clicking on one of our affiliate links or dialing a posted phone number – we may receive a commission. This is not always the case though. Advertising partnerships such as affiliate programs are fairly typical for online websites such as ours. Therefore, we likely will have an affiliate relationship with the community, product or service you we are reviewing. If not, then we are fine with that as we believe providing good comprehensive content to our readers is more important long term as opposed to only reviewing those companies offering advertising partnerships.

You can support our efforts by clicking or calling from our review pages. If not, we encourage, you to go straight to the community, product or service directly. We are sure they would appreciate your business all the same.