Windermere/Mega Motion Brand Profile

Any chair that carries the Windermere name is guaranteed to last for years, and to provide a wealth of cozy evenings by the fire and afternoons in front of the TV. These affordable lift chairs are made using luxurious fabrics and come in a wide range of colors and styles, helping you find something that perfectly fits your home’s décor.

About Windermere Lift Chairs

The Windermere brand is part of the expansive Pride Mobility line. It’s Pride’s furniture division, a showcase for an extensive selection of well-crafted chairs.

Pride is one of the biggest names in the mobility sector. It has been around since the mid-80s and is perhaps best-known for its scooters. Regardless, it devotes the same level of care and innovation to its furniture, making Windermere chairs highly sought-after by seniors and disabled people across the United States.

Windermere Products

You can pick up a Windermere Lift Chair for as little as $600, and most are available for under $1,000. That’s a lot for an armchair, but it’s a steal for a lift chair, and that affordability is one of the things that helps Windermere to stand out from the crowd.

All Windermere chairs are made in the United States and feature whisper-quiet motors, which means you won’t bother anyone around you as you shift positions. 

The cheapest option we could find uses 100% polyester, has a weight limit of 325 lbs., and offers 3 positions. It features a hardwood/plywood construction, a heavy-duty steel mechanism, and a stuffed pillow biscuit for additional support and comfort.

These are all great and desirable features, but if you have a little more room in your budget you can get some additional features.

One of the more expensive options, for instance, is the Windermere Akan Nutmeg. Featuring a unique golden/brown “nutmeg” color, the chair has “infinite” positions, including a “Zero Gravity” option, additional side storage space, a footrest extension, and a USB hand wand. It’s made from 100% polyurethane and can hold up to 375 lbs.

All options offer great value for money, but these extra features are well worth the upgrade if you can benefit from them.

Windermere Products

You can purchase Windermere Lift Chairs from authorized dealers across the United States. They are available in locations such as Sears and TheClassyHome, and, because retailers have their own approach to guarantees, returns, discounts, and special offers, it’s worth shopping around. You may find that your ideal Windermere chair is in stock at your local furniture warehouse, only to discover that an online retailer has it for a couple of hundred dollars less.

Financing options are available in select locations and can differ greatly from one retailer to another, with some offering interest-free periods and extensive grace periods and others demanding deposits and charging high APRs. 

Check all terms before you agree to any financing deal and make sure the company has a good return policy if you’re buying online, as some are limited to just a couple of weeks and others will charge you shipping and a restocking fee if returned. 

As for the warranty, all Windermere chairs are covered for one year on parts and service and they have a lifetime warranty on the steel frame.