Reverie Brand Profile

“We won’t rest until you sleep”. That’s the Reverie motto, and it’s one the brand takes seriously. Reverie is focused on making sure its customers sleep soundly by introducing high-tech sleep solutions to its bases, mattresses, pillows, and even its linens.

About Reverie

Tony Chang and Martin Rawis-Meehan founded Reverie in 2003. They wanted to develop the bed of the future, and within a few years, their DreamCell technology was rolling off the production line. It offered highly supportive and adjustable mattresses made from natural latex.

It took years of research and development for Reverie to create the extensive, high-tech range that it has today. If their products are as effective and beneficial as they claim, then it was time well spent.

Sleep Systems, Mattresses, and Adjustable Bases

Reverie Sleep Systems are tailormade beds designed to suit your body shape, your sleep style, and your preferences. They include adjustable bases fitted with quiet and powerful motors, and thick, firm mattresses made from several layers of premium and supportive materials.

Mattresses and bases can also be purchased separately. The bases are designed to be durable and strong, allowing you to select numerous different positions and to find the right height and comfort for you. As for the mattresses, these are made using the company’s patented DreamCell technology.

This technology utilizes multiple cells made from hypoallergenic latex, creating a surface that adapts to your body just like memory foam, while also providing additional support and unbeatable comfort. The cells are color-coded, and the different colors provide different levels of support—a brilliant and ingenious system that makes things considerably easier for consumers.

DreamCell mattresses can also be configured by adjusting the position of these cells. Discuss your specific needs and preferences during a sales consultation, and if you ever need any further tweaks down the line, you can unzip the cover and make the changes yourself.

Other Reverie Products

Along with mattresses, bases, and complete Sleep Systems, you can also buy the following products from Reverie:

  • Pillows: Stuffed with natural shredded latex and fitted with a microfiber cover
  • Remotes: Adjust your bed with these handheld controls
  • Extensions and Brackets: These help extend the headboard, legs, and more
  • Mattress Protectors: Water-resistant, super-cooling fabric designed to help you sleep soundly, while protecting your mattress.
  • Sheet Sets: Includes sets made from silky smooth sateen

Ordering Information

Reverie mattresses and bases are very reasonably priced, considering the technology and the quality that goes into each one. Click “Add to Cart” to make a purchase online or “Find a Retailer” to locate a dealer near you.

Financing is available through Affirm, with options to “buy now and pay later”, and warranties are offered on all products.  Dial 888-888-5990 between 9 am and 3 pm EST Monday through Friday to speak with a sales representative and discuss pricing, product preferences, and more.