Pride Mobility Electric Mobility Scooters

Pride mobility electric mobility scooters are the ideal solution for handicapped individuals and adults who need a little help getting around. Pride Mobility offers a wide range of electric mobility scooters, as you will see below. This includes folding and travel mobility scooters as well as full size and all-terrain mobility scooters. 

What are Electric Mobility Scooters? 

Electric mobility scooters are also referred to as powered mobility scooters. They are easier for the user since manual input is not required, making them ideal for a broad range of users with limited mobility. They are also favored by caregivers because they do not require manual effort. 

About Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products. Their top brands include Jazzy® Power Chairs, Go-Go® Travel Mobility, Pride Mobility® Scooters, and Pride® Power Lift Recliners.

The company is headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania but also operates out of Las Vegas, Mississippi, Florida, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Pride Mobility electric mobility scooters are expertly designed and engineered with technologically innovative features that help consumers achieve the best possible quality of life, as well as all their mobility goals.

Types of Electric Mobility Scooters

Portable/Travel Scooters

Portable, or travel, mobility scooters may be easily disassembled for easy transport in the trunk of most vehicles. They are designed for use on-the-go and are lightweight, so they can easily be lifted into the trunk of a car. They come with a compact design and are not recommended for people over 5’10” or 300 pounds. 

Wheel Scooters

Wheel scooters are a tier higher than travel scooters when it comes to size and features. They offer full-sized comfort with enhanced three-wheel maneuverability and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

When it comes to outdoor use, they also excel on rough terrain. They usually feature larger models with higher ground clearance and bigger tires and are specifically designed for outdoor conditions. 

Heavy Duty Scooters

This type of electric mobility scooter is designed for those who weigh over 350 pounds. They come in both 3 and 4-wheel models with weight limits as high as 500 lbs. 

Pride Mobility’s Electric Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility 3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility offers different types of 3-wheel mobility scooters, all of which are suitable for every person and lifestyle. These electric scooters are engineered and factory tested to ensure top performance. 

The Raptor 3-wheel, for example, is designed with speed and safety in mind, while the Revo 2.0 is portable and motorized.

Raptor (Black) Features

  • 400 lbs. maximum weight limit
  • Up to 14 mph maximum speed
  • 60″ turning radius
  • Full LED light package for full visibility and increased safety
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Sleek and solid design for enhanced stability
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Two rear-view mirrors
  • Tubeless pneumatic tires for a smooth ride

Pride Mobility 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

The 4-wheel electric mobility scooters from Pride are designed for maximum stability and superior performance, and they are easy to use and extremely versatile.

Their Jazzy Zero Turn Electric Scooter features a 38-inch turning radius to help you navigate tight corners and small spaces effortlessly. Additionally, the Revo 2.0 electric scooter features a portable and motorized design.

Wrangler Features

  • 350 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • Limited recline
  • Black vinyl, high-back seat
  • Comes with a storage compartment
  • Features an LED console that displays time, temperature, miles driven, and trips taken
  • Fitted USB charger smart phones and portable devices
  • Durable and stylish rear bumper
  • Full LED lighting package for visibility and safety

Pride Mobility Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility heavy duty electric scooters are designed for heavy duty use. They are engineered and factory tested to ensure reliable top performance and long-lasting durability. 

The Maxima heavy duty electric scooter has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and is intended for bariatric use. It’s an excellent choice for those with limited mobility due to being overweight or obese, and it is built with safety and maximum comfort in mind. 

Pride Mobility Maxima 3-Wheel Features

  • 500 lbs. maximum weight limit
  • Up to 5.3 mph maximum speed
  • Comes with a black vinyl seat
  • Flat-proof, non-scuffing tires
  • Easily adjustable tiller
  • Comes with a standard front basket
  • User-friendly console

Pride Mobility 4-Wheel Travel Scooters

The 4-wheel travel scooter range from Pride offers maximum convenience and versatility, as it is designed for strength and durability. This range is factory tested and built to last.

The Go-Go Elite Traveler is a motorized 4-wheel scooter that maneuvers easily through tight spaces, while the Go-Go Sport Electric Scooter is designed for high performance. It’s easy to disassemble and it suits an on-the-go lifestyle. 

Go-Go Elite Traveler Features

  • 300 lbs. Maximum weight limit
  • Comes with an easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob
  • Non-scuffing and flat-proof tires
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Stable, front frame-mounted seat post
  • Comes with a standard removable footboard basket for additional storage 

Folding Mobility Scooters

Pride offers a range of folding mobility scooters that are designed with convenience and portability in mind. The folding mobility scooters are ideal for a busy lifestyle, as they have a compact design and are lightweight. 

The Go-Go folding motorized scooter is affordable, compact, and lightweight. It easily folds in just three simple steps, and it comes with a full lighting package and an adjustable tiller. As such, it is ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle, is highly durable, and you can depend on it for all your mobility needs.

Go-Go Folding Scooter Features

  • 250 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • Up to 4 mph maximum speed
  • 32″ turning radius
  • Optional armrests that can be fitted for a more comfortable ride
  • Adjustable height
  • Features an exclusive tiller design for a more personal fit
  • Unique folding design with levers that fold in just three easy steps
  • Easy to transport at home, or even in places such as hotels or airports
  • Articulated front end for greater stability
  • Front and rear LED lights for maximum visibility and safety