NOVA Brand Profile

NOVA is a personal mobility specialist dedicated to changing the world every day and in every way.” The company claims to have impacted and improved over 250,000 lives and offers a wide selection of assistive products through specialist dealers across the United States.

About Nova

Sue Chen launched NOVA in 1993 and took inspiration from her father’s work. Dr. Bruce Chen was a leading rehabilitation specialist who became frustrated with the lack of dedicated and reliable rehabilitation equipment after moving to the US and establishing himself in the field.

The company initially operated with just three team members, but by keeping a close connection with its customers, it was able to increase its range and innovate new products and styles. Its rolling walkers are one of its first major advancements.

In those days, NOVA was limited. Not only did it have a small team, but its facilities expanded to a mere 4,000 square feet. Today, however, it has a team of 75 dedicated employees and a Chicago distribution facility that expands to over 160,000 square feet.

NOVA Products

NOVA is perhaps best known for its canes and walkers. These sturdy, lightweight, and stylish mobility aids are designed for individuals who can still stand unaided but need a little assistance when walking.

Its canes are available in many different shapes and styles, from curved handles and bodies, to T-bar handles, quad-leg support, and more. These canes are colorful and unique, much more interesting than the usual monotone ones used for rehabilitation and mobility support.

It sells crutches as well, although these are a little more clinical in color and style. Its rolling walkers are just as colorful and varied and include options such as:

  • Zoom Series
  • GetGO Series
  • Vibe Series
  • Mack Series
  • Traveler Series
  • STAR Series

The one that’s right for you will depend on weight capacity, support, adjustability, and storage options. Each series has additional customization options, with a host of bold colors and accessories.

For customers who need a little more support, NOVA has a line of transport chairs and wheelchairs, as well as home and life support equipment such as commodes, support cushions, and knee walkers. In addition, there is heavy duty range, which includes products geared towards overweight and obese individuals.

Ordering Information

To purchase NOVA equipment, you need to go through a specialist dealer. To find the nearest dealer to you, just visit this page and enter your ZIP code. Alternatively, you can buy NOVA products online through Amazon, Walgreens, SpinLife, and Preferred Medical Supply.

All NOVA products have a limited lifetime warranty. If you need assistance using any equipment sold by NOVA, speak with your local dealer or check the NOVA website for dedicated user guides. The website also contains product videos and other educational videos showing you all of NOVA’s mobility equipment in action.

NOVA Reviews

Since NOVA products are sold through partners and dealers, you won’t find many reviews on the company itself. However, one of these dealers is Amazon, so there are plenty of product reviews.

After scouring most of these reviews, we noticed that NOVA products have received an average score of over 4.5 out of 5. Many products have garnered hundreds of reviews and have yet to receive a single negative review. The positive reviews talk about life-changing uses, with people finding the support they need to get back on their feet and live their life freely once more.

As for the negative reviews, they are few and far between, but the ones that do exist complain about problems with breakdowns after a period of several months. The good news is that such issues are relatively common. Take 100 users of a standard cane, wheelchair, lift chair, or any other mobility products, and there’s a good chance that 1 will have issues.

It doesn’t mean the product is defective. It could simply be the result of misuse or overloading the weight capacity. In any case, this is why the limited lifetime warranty exists.

Learn More

Use the Dealer Locator and websites discussed above to buy NOVA mobility equipment. To contact the company directly, email or dial 800-557-6682. The company’s operating hours are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm PST Monday through Friday.