Levo USA Brand Profile

“The human body is made for standing.” That’s the Levo motto and one that inspired this mobility specialist to create standing wheelchairs. It describes itself as the original standing wheelchair company, offering both manual and electric models and helping chair-bound customers get back on their feet.

About Levo USA

Levo developed the first standing wheelchair back in 1975, after which it gradually introduced additional features and upgrades to improve this product and the lives of wheelchair users worldwide.

These standing wheelchairs are available for children and adults and are sold via an international network, making them available to millions of customers around the world.

Levo Products

A Levo sales rep will consider many things when looking for the right wheelchair for you. For instance, they’ll cover factors such as how often you leave the house, how much strength you have in your upper body, whether you can operate a powered or manual wheelchair properly, and what your motivations are.

It is a thorough process and it ensures you always get the very best product for you. That is, one that will keep you active and independent for years to come.

The company’s products include:

  • C3: An industry leader for over a decade, the Levo C3 is one of the most popular standing wheelchairs on the market
    • It features driving capabilities in both seated and standing positions, a whisper-quiet motor, and seats that can be adjusted to suit users of all shapes and sizes, including children
  • Combi and Combi Junior: A center wheel drive wheelchair with sit-to-stand capabilities, as well as multiple position adjustments for reclining
  • LCEV and LCEV Junior: Claims to be the lightest manually propelled standing wheelchair in the world, with sizes for adults and children
  • LAE: A manual standing wheelchair made from lightweight aluminum and designed to deliver complete maneuverability while remaining strong, durable, and reliable

Ordering Information and More

Levo has dozens of sales reps in the United States, and you can find a complete list here. Contact these reps by phone or email to discuss purchasing the latest Levo products. They can help you find the right product for you and discuss pricing, availability, product upgrades, features, and more.

International partners are also available in Canada, Japan, Qatar, Kenya, South Korea, UAE, Taiwan, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and over a dozen other locations.

It’s a global brand, which means everyone can walk with the aid of Levo.

Learn More

If you have a question about Levo products or you need to place an order, it’s best to contact one of the dealers mentioned above. Alternatively, you can use this contact form to send a message directly to the company, being sure to include information such as your name, address, and the type of product you’re looking for.