Invacare Brand Profile

The Invacare name is one of the most recognizable in the global mobility sector. It operates in more than 80 countries, has hired close to 6,000 team members, and has a revenue of nearly $2 billion. 

About Invacare

Invacare traces its history back to 1885, when it first began manufacturing wheelchairs. For many decades, it existed as the wheelchair decision of Technicare, and when the company was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, Invacare was deemed surplus to requirements.

Sensing an opportunity, Malachi Mixon, who was a marketing executive at Technicare at the time, gathered a group of investors and purchased Invacare. He did so before investing heavily in the company and continuing to develop life-changing products.

Invacare has come a long way since then, but it remains a leading provider of wheelchairs and other mobility accessories. Its products have helped millions of people to live freely and easily, and it deals with some of the industry’s best chairs and mobility aids.

Invacare Products

In Invacare’s own words, it creates products that help people “move, breathe, rest, and perform essential hygiene.” These products are designed for long-term home care, use in healthcare settings, and they are sold through licensed dealers worldwide.

The Invacare range includes:

  • Beds and Furnishings: Manual, bariatric, and electric beds designed for long-term care and homecare. These beds provide complete support and comfort, helping patients relax, sleep easily, and heal quickly
  • Powered Mobility Products: Powered Scooters made for style, comfort, and maneuverability that are designed to last. These products include front, rear, and center wheel drive options and are designed to meet a range of mobility needs
    • Invacare also makes cushions and accessories for powered wheelchairs
  • Patient Transfers: Lifts developed to move patients with minimal fuss. Many of these lifts feature tool-free assembly
  • Personal Care Products: Bath products, shower fittings, commodes, and other hygiene products to help patients with their daily hygiene regimes
  • Respiratory Therapy: Invacare has won numerous awards for its respiratory products, including its HomeFill Oxygen System and Aerosol products
  • Patient Care: Gloves, masks, and other protective supplies designed to keep the patient and the caregiver safe
  • Manual Mobility Products: A wide range of wheelchairs made for everyday use, as well as sports and recreation
    • Many Invacare Manual Wheelchairs have been used at the Paralympic Games and have helped athletes win hundreds of medals, including many golds ones

Ordering Information

You cannot buy Invacare products direct from the company’s online store. Instead, you must go through a licensed dealer. Luckily for you, Invacare has countless locations all over the world, with a number right here in the United States. 

The Dealer Locator page can help you find a dealer nearby. All you need to do is punch in your zip code, country, and desired radius and see what the site suggests.

You can get more information about these products by speaking with your local dealer. They can also tell you about warranties, return policies, user manuals, and more.

Invacare Reviews

It should come as no surprise that Invacare products have generally positive user reviews. After all, you don’t stay in business for over 100 years and generate close to $2 billion in revenue without doing something right. 

What is more of a surprise is the fact that employees have also rated the company highly. Generally, multi-national, multi-million-dollar companies like this don’t foster good working environments. The personal touch gets lost amongst endless tiers of managers and executives, and employees can feel like they have been left on the scrap heap.

That has certainly been the case with some employees, and a number have complained about poor experiences. The majority, though, have been full of praise for the company, which has a 3.5/5-star rating on Indeed.

Learn More

If you have a question about pricing, product customization, or something similar, it’s best to speak with your local dealer. For other questions, contact Invacare directly at 800-333-6900.