Hydro Dimensions Brand Profile

Staffed by some of the most experienced and skilled mobility manufacturers, Hydro Dimensions is a proficient company with over 3 decades of experience. It produces a wide selection of walk-in bathtubs and includes a host of accessories and customization options that make life easier and more comfortable for thousands of Americans. 

About Hydro Dimensions

The groundwork for Hydro Dimensions was laid in 1983, when the company’s ambitious founders began designing specialty accessories and hydrotherapy systems for use in other company’s products. After establishing themselves as leaders in this industry, the founders shifted their focus to their own products. In 1993, Hydro Dimensions was born.

In the early 2000s, Hydro Dimensions joined forces with Safety Tubs to design a series of walk-in bathtubs that are now considered to be the industry standard and continue to be used by manufacturers nationwide.  

Hydro Dimensions Walk-in Tubs

Choose from 16 different tubs, each made from gel-coat fiberglass and featuring an array of industry-leading safety features, including grab bars, secured seats, easy-to-reach buttons, and a non-slip floor. These tubs are designed for maximum safety and minimal fuss, allowing the user to open the door, walk inside, and secure themselves in place for a long and soothing soak.

The HD Series is a simpler and cheaper option, and there are 11 different tubs in this product range. If you need something with a wider out-swinging door, a larger space to sit or lie down, and other unique features, take a look at the Specialty Series. Although it is the more expensive option, this series can also provide great convenience and value if they have what you’re looking for.

Hydro Dimensions and Hydrotherapy

Like all good walk-in tubs, the products sold by Hydro Dimensions are about much more than just bathing. These tubs are built to give you a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience with optional features that include:

  • Deep Soak: A deep-fill tub designed for complete submergence. It provides some buoyancy and literally helps to take the weight off, potentially aiding with a host of muscle and joint ailments
  • Hydro Massage: Powerful jets of warm water that target problem areas and provide instant and long-lasting relief. Can be customized with up to 10 jets
  • Air Jets: A soft tissue massage that works by gently blowing air throughout the tub. Optional extras include air aroma therapy and ozone sanitization
  • Dual Features: A combination of the two massage systems above, providing relief for your muscles via the use of water and air jets
  • PureBubbles: A higher oxygen content that is said to provide numerous benefits for the skin and muscles and can be combined with other massage systems

Ordering Information

All Hydro Dimensions bathtubs come with lifetime warranties that cover the door seals, supportive equipment, motors, and other key parts, so you won’t be robbed because of a technicality.

To purchase Hydro Dimensions’ products, you’ll need to go through a contractor, dealer, or bathing showroom. To get information on your local dealer, dial 951-676-7290.