EHLS – A Lifeway Mobility Company

EHLS offers accessibility solutions such as ramps, stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, transfer aids, and bath safety solutions. Their mission is to understand the mobility needs of their customers in a holistic way, and provide options for meeting those needs. They also strive to provide comfort and independence while improving quality of life.

EHLS was founded in 2005, and has since expanded to different locations in Southern New England, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Minnesota.

Although they are not manufacturers, they sell quality products that are manufactured in the U.S. Their products are utilized by individuals and businesses in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Additionally, EHLS offers free assessments and consultations as well as professional installation services from certified technicians.

Here are a few EHLS’ top products.

Bruno Elan (SRE-350) Straight Stairlift

Bruno Elan is a straight stairlift that is designed for reliability, safety, and convenience. It comes with an increased seat depth and greater space between the armrests for maximum comfort and safety.

Features of the new Bruno Elan

  • Compact design in that the seat and armrests fold closely to the wall when not in use
  • Modern upholstery that blends seamlessly with home décor
  • Ergonomic armrest control for easy operation
  • Retractable seatbelt that is easy to wear and can be operated with one hand

Savaria Stairfriend Curved Stairlift

The Savaria Stairfriend is a curved stairlift that provides safe access to all floors of a home. It comes with a dual-rail that is designed for use with curved staircases that have turns or intermediate landings. It is easy to operate and can be installed in a residential or commercial setting.

Features of the Savaria Stairfriend

  • Two options for seat designs
  • Maximum weight of 350lbs
  • Swivel seat that’s lockable to enhance safety
  • Comes with obstruction safety sensors on the footrests
  • Battery powered motor allows the lift to operate during power outages
  • Dual rail to enhance safety at to the top and/or bottom landings

Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight Stairlift

The Bruno Elite is a stairlift that is designed for outdoor use. It comes with a protective cover and extra features to withstand harsh weather conditions. This includes a bag cover underneath the seat.

Features of the Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight Stairlift

  • Weather resistant cover
  • Swivel seat
  • Flip-up arms, seat, and footrest
  • Battery operated
  • Obstruction safety sensors
  • 5 year warranty on major components and 2 year warranty on parts
  • Rental and buy back options
  • Maximum weight capacity 400lbs

Other Products Sold by EHLS 


  • Straight stairlifts: Bruno Elite, Handicare 950 Simplicity, Handicare 1000, Harmar Pinnacle SL600, Harmar Pinnacle SL600HD, and Savaria K2
  • Curved stairlifts: Harmar Helix Curved, Handicare Freecurve, and Hawle HW 10
  • Outdoor stairlifts: Bruno Elite Outdoor Curved and Harmar 350 Outdoor
  • Commercial stairlifts

Used stairlifts

EHLS sells and installs used stairlifts that allows customers to save up to $1,000. That being said, they only work with Bruno stairlifts because they are certified pre-owned.

They do not offer used curved stairlifts because they are always custom made. A warranty is provided on the parts and components of the lift.

Rental stairlifts

EHLS offers rental stairlifts as a solution for those with short-term mobility challenges. Straight rail stairlifts are the only types of stairlifts that are offered on a rental basis because curved stairlifts must be designed on a case-by-case basis.


  • Modular aluminum ramps
  • Commercial aluminum ramps
  • Portable wheelchair ramps
  • Threshold ramps

Wheelchair Lifts

  • Outdoor wheelchair lifts
  • Indoor wheelchair lifts
  • Inclined platform lifts
  • Commercial wheelchair lifts


  • Residential elevators
  • Through the floor home elevators
  • Glass home elevators
  • Dumbwaiters

Transfer aids

  • Freestanding lift systems
  • Fixed ceiling lifts
  • Bath transfer
  • Repositioning aids