AmeriGlide Elevators

AmeriGlide is a manufacturer of high-quality mobility solutions. Their mission is to provide affordably priced accessibility solutions for clients with mobility challenges.

AmeriGlide Inc. was founded in 2004 in Raleigh. So far, they serve the entire United States by working with a network of dealers, installers, and service technicians. They have corporate offices in Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, and North Carolina.

AmeriGlide sells various elevator accessories, as well as three different kinds of elevators:

  • Indoor Residential Elevators
  • Outdoor Residential Elevators
  • Commercial Elevators

Residential AmeriGlide Indoor Elevators

AmeriGlide offers two different types of indoor elevators; the Elite Indoor and the Elite Plus Indoor.

The Elite Indoor Elevator

This indoor elevator from AmeriGlide has a starting price of $12,782. If you’ve decided to purchase this elevator, or any elevator, ensure that you do the following:

  • Consult with your architect or general contractor, who will evaluate the space and plans for your home
  • Discuss your needs versus your wants
  • Share the plans with an AmeriGlide expert

The Elite indoor elevator requires an elevator shaft that is built to certain specifications. For example, the smallest AmeriGlide elevator, which is 36″ x 36″, requires an interior elevator shaft of at least 54″ x 42″. As such, AmeriGlide recommends that the client hires a professional architect who can tell you what the best location for the home elevator is. 

Once the shaft is planned for and built, AmeriGlide will deliver and install your new home elevator.

The AmeriGlide Elite Plus Elevator

This is an upgrade from the AmeriGlide Elite. It comes with fully extruded aluminum rails with lightweight modular features, which ensure that it provides a smooth ride while also reducing installation costs.

It has a contemporary cab design with a brushed aluminum trim and LED lighting, as well as removable panels that allow for future design changes. 

AmeriGlide Outdoor Elevator

The AmeriGlide outdoor elevator costs $12,536. It is made with an aluminum uni-body design to enhance durability for outdoor conditions, and it has features similar to the indoor elevator. The main difference is that it is built to survive outdoor weather conditions.

AmeriGlide LULA Elevator – Commercial

The AmeriGlide LULA elevator costs $25,133. This elevator offers the perfect mobility solution for public access in a limited traffic area. It is ideal for low occupancy commercial buildings, churches, and multi-family homes.

It provides the benefits of a commercial elevator with the practicality and affordability of a home elevator. It can also be customized to blend seamlessly with a building’s decor.

AmeriGlide Elevator Accessories

AmeriGlide offers accessories for elevators and vertical platform lifts, all of which are sold separately.

AmeriGlide Elevator FAQs

How much do AmeriGlide Elevators Cost?

The price of an AmeriGlide elevator will vary based on different factors including, but not limited to:

  • How many floors the elevator will need to travel
  • Design
  • Custom finishes

To get the best estimate, speak with an expert who can assess your home or office. Usually, this can be done over the phone.

How Long Does It Take to Manufacture an AmeriGlide Home Elevator?

Once your home or office has been seen by an AmeriGlide expert, they will use the information to custom make your elevator. On average, the manufacturing process takes about 6 to 8 weeks. 

This is enough time to ensure that every component meets construction and safety requirements, and it also ensures that you get the right kind of elevator for your home.

How Long Does It Take to Install an AmeriGlide Home Elevator?

The installation process should take 1-3 days, but the elevator shaft should have already been installed and the site prepared.

How Much Room Is Needed to install an AmeriGlide Home Elevator?

To install an AmeriGlide home elevator, the smallest standard cab size, which is 36” x 48”, requires a 52” x 54” shaft. Fortunately, most homes are built to accommodate these dimensions.

Does the AmeriGlide Home Elevator Require a Pit?

Yes, you will require a pit for the AmeriGlide home elevator. The pit should be recessed 12” down from the bottom landing. An 8” pit is small but may be permitted in some instances.

How Much Overhead Clearance is Needed for an AmeriGlide Home Elevator?

The overhead clearance needed will vary based on the cab height. Generally, 22” or greater is ideal. Note that overhead clearance is measured from the top finished floor to the closest obstruction in the elevator shaft.

Is There a Difference Between the AmeriGlide Home Elevator and the AmeriGlide Commercial Elevator?

The two are very similar, but one of the major differences between residential and commercial elevators is in the doors. Commercial elevators have large sliding metal doors, while home elevators will resemble other doors in the home.

From the outside you will only be able to see the buttons on the wall as an indication of the presence of an elevator. The interior finishes of a home elevator are customizable with a selection of melamine colors or luxurious wood choices, such as birch, cherry, oak, mahogany, or simple hardwood.

How Far Can an AmeriGlide Home Elevator Travel?

AmeriGlide home elevators can travel a maximum of 7 floors with 7 stops. 

Are AmeriGlide Home Elevators Safe?

AmeriGlide home elevators are designed with safety in mind. If your home elevator was well installed, you should not be worried about safety.

What Are the Financial Implications of Installing an AmeriGlide Elevator?

Installing an AmeriGlide elevator is going to cost you some money, but the value you’ll get from the elevator will more than make up for how much you spent on it.

For starters, if you can prove that it’s a medical necessity, you may be able to get tax deductions for installing one. Additionally, installing a home elevator raises the value of your home. As a result, you may be able to recoup your entire investment should you choose to sell your home.